Medical Miracle: Baby Born With HIV Deemed Cured!

African american woman doctor

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus which causes AIDs, is a leading cause of death in the African American population. Once someone tests … [Read more...]

Is Poverty in Our DNA? Recent Study Says Yes.

biracial baby

  Poverty is the world's most common issue. And, though many of us have not experienced it personally, we are all aware that poverty exists … [Read more...]

Why You Should Care About the Term ‘Sequestration’

Courtesy ABC News

First things first, the term "sequestration" has nothing to do with horses or the sport of horse riding. That would be "Equestrian." Second, if you do … [Read more...]

White Model in Black Face (or Black Body), a New Fashion Statement?


In the March edition of Numéro, a prominent international fashion magazine, white 16-year-old model, Ondria Hardin, poses in full-on, … [Read more...]

State of the Union Address: Pomp and Circumstance or Prolific Event?


Last week, President Obama performed one of his annual duties by delivering his State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress. … [Read more...]

Chris Dorner Burned Alive: Is This a Movie or Real Life?


Does that name sound vaguely familiar? Well, if you reside in Southern California, you probably know his name all too well. The 33-year-old SoCal … [Read more...]

Shocked over Recent Drone Attack News? Under a Rock Much?


Last week, the proverbial "drone strike" mess hit the fan when a very detailed document illustrating the United States' criteria for killing US … [Read more...]

Are Black Women ‘In’ Right Now?

Fashion Michelle Obama Vogue

After writing an article about Sunday's Super Bowl game, I started reflecting on a pretty awesome thing that happened that day. For the first time … [Read more...]

So, Why Are We Swooning over “Beasts of the Southern Wild”?


Let me start by saying that this post is not intentionally goading. And, the title is not meant to piss folks off. But, honestly, all the swooning and … [Read more...]

In the Wake of Newtown: Chicago Mother Loses All Four Children to Gun Violence

Mother of four children

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle of of Congress' jumbled talk about gun policy, the black community is yet reminded of the dire consequences … [Read more...]