BREAKING NEWS: Fiscal Cliff Averted Before the Thursday Deadline


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Why Does the “Fiscal Cliff” Seem to Make Everyone Crazy?


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Road to Recovery? Job Growth Improves in October for Both Women and Men


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Jamila: “He said I was too broke to be in a relationship.”

man shrugging

Everyone single person hates this question, but we've all probably been asked it at one time or another: So, why are you single? I like to respond … [Read more...]

Nine Financial Mistakes Women Make When They Divorce


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Black Consumerism: Recession or Excession?


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The Sweetest Déjà Vu Pt. 2: 11 Tips for Landing the Job and Keeping The Faith


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Six Ways to Cut Your Homeowner, Car Insurance Costs


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So Much for Multiculturalism, Canadians Say ‘No’ to An “Asian-looking” Woman Appearing On Their Currency


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The Housing Market is Rebounding. So What’s That Mean for You?


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Has Greece Saved the Euro…For Now?

As I am not a European citizen (and have never even been to Europe) I'm unsure as to how to interpret the recent election results in Greece. The … [Read more...]