“The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter — And How to Make the Most of Them Now,” A Book Review

the defining decade

Thirty is the new twenty. Forty is the new thirty. Oh girl, don't worry! Women are having kids well into their forties nowadays; you've got … [Read more...]

Money Crashers: Six Strategies for Becoming Debt Free


  David Bakke dug himself out of over $30k in credit card debt he accumulated during his college years. He is now debt-free and shares his … [Read more...]

Daniel Patrick Moynihan Predicted the Future of the Black Family But Too Few People Actually Listened

The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, the 78-page report written by a then 38-year old Daniel Patrick 'Pat' Moynihan, an assistant secretary … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS: Fiscal Cliff Averted Before the Thursday Deadline


So, you may have missed it amongst the Kim K. pregnancy news and New Year's celebrations, but we were still in line to go over the fiscal cliff. Well, … [Read more...]

Why Does the “Fiscal Cliff” Seem to Make Everyone Crazy?


In a recent post on this site about the "fiscal cliff," the author discussed this "old becomes new" economic situation in much the same language used … [Read more...]

Road to Recovery? Job Growth Improves in October for Both Women and Men


With all the talk about businesses laying off workers after the re-election of Barack Obama, there's some good news to report. According to … [Read more...]

Jamila: “He said I was too broke to be in a relationship.”

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Everyone single person hates this question, but we've all probably been asked it at one time or another: So, why are you single? I like to respond … [Read more...]

Nine Financial Mistakes Women Make When They Divorce


By Emma Johnson, WealthySingleMommy.com  Check out Emma's blog, here. I try to avoid statistics that highlight how women and mothers are … [Read more...]

Black Consumerism: Recession or Excession?


A few weeks ago, I returned to my native Louisiana.  Exchanging the NYC public transportation for my stepfather’s Chevy was a nice change of pace.   … [Read more...]

The Sweetest Déjà Vu Pt. 2: 11 Tips for Landing the Job and Keeping The Faith


I can hardly believe that pretty much one-month short of a year, I not only finally have a full time job again but also it's one in my field. The … [Read more...]