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Man Candy Monday (Night Cap): Now Come to Bed….

Yes, there comes a time in a woman's life where she will have to make a decision. Should she, or should she not, join him in bed? Beds are for … [Read more...]


Okay NFL Fans, What Did You Think of “The Kiss?”

The NFL's first openly gay draft pick for the Rams was exuberant at the news that he made the team that he kissed his boyfriend. Tongues are wagging. … [Read more...]


Man Candy Monday: Hot Guys With Beards

"Guys with beards kisses tingle, and make all the girls giggle", or so I hear. What's all the fuss about when it comes to men with beards? Who knows, … [Read more...]

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Before Dr. Dre Sold His Earphones to Apple, He Sold Black Girls Out to Everyone

So I just got wind of the news that Dr. Dre is in the process of selling his Beats earphones to Apple for $3.2 billion, making his the first "hip hop … [Read more...]


Escaped Captive from Boko Haram Gang Said She Was Raped 15 Times a Day.

The stories from this troubled region just continue to get worse and worse. I can't tell you how utterly helpless I feel. The little power I have on … [Read more...]

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Feminism Series: Real Reasons Women Aren’t Happy During Pregnancy…..Including Black Women, Too

So the conversation rages on over the real meaning behind the study released by Stephen Wu and Paul Hagstrom revealing the level of unhappiness … [Read more...]

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Boko Haram: “I Will Sell Your Girls. There is a Market for Selling Humans.”

There's no way you can watch this clip and believe these men of Boko Haram are doing what they're doing for "Allah." You have to listen to his … [Read more...]

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“Belle” Opens Strong…Tells a True Story of a Beloved Mixed Race Aristocrat

Sometimes when I watch old movies set in centuries past, I often wish I could have witnessed what it was like to live as an aristocrat, wearing fine … [Read more...]

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Man Candy Monday: Long Hair, Don’t Care

I love men of all shapes and sizes. Though you can usually catch a well groomed man on my arm I do hold a place in my peripheral for those who forgo … [Read more...]


Los Angeles NAACP President, Leon Jenkins, Resigns After Sterling Debacle

This week we reported how the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP is a whorish shill for racists like Donald Sterling in exchange for a few bags of … [Read more...]


Open Thread: Share How YOU Can Make a Difference In the Cause to Free 200+ Nigerian Girls

Today was mentally exhausting for me, but productive because I saw a social media groundswell surrounding the 200+ Nigerian girls who were kidnapped … [Read more...]


Photos, Cursed Wind, and ‘The Babster’ Policing the Garden

Okay before I start does anyone besides me think this looks like an erect, miniature part of the male anatomy? is a … [Read more...]


Harsh Realization: The Whole World Loves Blond Girls More Than Brown Girls.

You might not be aware, but over 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from school by radical Islamists (it's always them, isn't it?) over two weeks ago, … [Read more...]