Issa Ray Pisses off the Religious Innanets With “Crips4Christ” Rap Parody


I adore satire, when done right, it causes equal parts confusion and introspection. In my opinion, the best statements are those done with a grain of … [Read more...]

Sexy New IR Video By Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd…HAWT!

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Chile... Ya'll we're everywhere. … [Read more...]

Video: Matthew Hussey Schools You On How to Meet 10 Guys a Week


I can't tell you how many stories I get on email and via our fan page from women who want to meet quality men but don't or won't do the "work" it … [Read more...]

Video: (most) Black Women Aren’t Sex-Starved Jezebels, So Come Correct in Online Overtures!

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Got another letter from my YouTube Channel (by the way, have you subbed yet?) Some of my male alum from high school (the married ones) have some … [Read more...]

Video: Asian Men and Black Women Give Advice on How to Date Each Other

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I got a chance to meet up with one of the largest AM/BW groups (500 strong) while on my trip to New York last month. What was said was candid and … [Read more...]

Where Were You? Loving Day Flagship Event Was Off the Chain!


I was stoked that me and Maxi got a chance to attend the Loving Day flagship event in New York City this year so I can spank all of you East Coasters … [Read more...]

Who Besides Me is Glad More White Chicks are Becoming Video H*es?


Every summer season has an anthem, and it looks like Robin Thicke's #BlurredLines song is it. The sound has a retro feel to it, and Robin's falsetto … [Read more...]

Matthew Hussey Talks “Interracial Awakenings” Part II


As promised, here's the conclusion of the chat I had with Matthew Hussey earlier this month. I'm just warning you...something he's going to say at the … [Read more...]

Stuff I Like: “The Happy Couple Workout”


Meet Richard and Alana Newman, creators of the uniquely cute and amazing "Happy Couple Workout." I met Alana when she and I were invited to the … [Read more...]

Beyond Black & White Featured on “Love J’s” On UStream!

joy and me

Last weekend I had the BEST and REALEST conversation with just about the cutest couple I've ever seen, Justin and Joy, otherwise known as "The Love … [Read more...]

Ukraine Swirl on the Big Screen!

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I am a certified Swirl Hunter and can find black women swirlers or swirl-related news in the outer most regions of the Earth.  Imagine my surprise … [Read more...]