Where Were You? Loving Day Flagship Event Was Off the Chain!

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I was stoked that me and Maxi got a chance to attend the Loving Day flagship event in New York City this year so I can spank all of you East Coasters … [Read more...]

Who Besides Me is Glad More White Chicks are Becoming Video H*es?


Every summer season has an anthem, and it looks like Robin Thicke's #BlurredLines song is it. The sound has a retro feel to it, and Robin's falsetto … [Read more...]

Matthew Hussey Talks “Interracial Awakenings” Part II


As promised, here's the conclusion of the chat I had with Matthew Hussey earlier this month. I'm just warning you...something he's going to say at the … [Read more...]

Stuff I Like: “The Happy Couple Workout”


Meet Richard and Alana Newman, creators of the uniquely cute and amazing "Happy Couple Workout." I met Alana when she and I were invited to the … [Read more...]

Beyond Black & White Featured on “Love J’s” On UStream!

joy and me

Last weekend I had the BEST and REALEST conversation with just about the cutest couple I've ever seen, Justin and Joy, otherwise known as "The Love … [Read more...]

Ukraine Swirl on the Big Screen!

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I am a certified Swirl Hunter and can find black women swirlers or swirl-related news in the outer most regions of the Earth.  Imagine my surprise … [Read more...]

My Disastrous”Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Moment, Plus Strategies On How Couples Can Cope


This clip is from last week's Oakland event with "Sisters With White Misters" meetup.com group. Take a look at what a disaster my "Guess Who" moment … [Read more...]

Video: My Atlanta Update–CNN, Bad Hairdressers, and Fancy Schmancy Hotels

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In case you were wondering what I've been up to... My and my (imaginary lesbian lover, Andromeda) Me checking out the view at The … [Read more...]

When Celebrity Moms Get High Before Dr. Phil: The Cluster Cuss that is Dina Lohan.

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Did you get a chance to catch Dr. Phil today? No? Boss won't let you work in front of the television? Well here's a summary for you: After … [Read more...]

Wendy Ida: Most Definitely a New, NEW Black Woman!

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Check out this amazing woman. I want to be her when I grow up. This woman is 60. As in, 10 years over half a century. Wendy Ida started her fitness … [Read more...]

Hi-larious New Video Series Mirrors Our BB&W Discussions!

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...which is why it's so hilarious to watch. Thanks for posting this on the fan page, Jessica! … [Read more...]

Must See Video! Marriage, Sex, & Swirling: A New Yorker in the Midwest

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Check out my buddy, Veralyn Williams did on marriage and swirling in the Mid West... … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Will ABG Finally Have Sex with White Jay?

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[Read more...]

Part II of Europa Village Recap: Online Dating Advice You Can Actually Use!

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[Read more...]

Video: Black Women’s Barriers to Entry in Interracial Dating

NO sign

For those of you who are curious about what the heck we talk about during our events...check it out. Think we're just exaggerating, and this is … [Read more...]

The Nive Nulls: Journey for Preggo to Babster in Pictures!


Austin Null got wind of my feature on the birth of their beautiful baby girl on the blog and reached out to me on Twitter to share yet another … [Read more...]