LMU Book Signing Full of Young, Black Women and Fathers Concerned for Their Daughters

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Last night Janice and I did a book signing at our alma mater, Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles (go Lions!!). We packed the house and sold out … [Read more...]

BB&W and SWIRLING Comes to San Francisco October 13!!

Ricky Del Rosario

I'm finally hearing that San Francisco has began their five minutes of summer this month, which is a nice change because when I was ACTUALLY THERE IN … [Read more...]

Rainbeau Spots a Girl Who’s Never Swirled, Too Shy To Speak Up But…


Remember Josh, the shy guy I mentioned on my Atlanta recap post yesterday would spotted a gorgeous girl who came to our event who never dated … [Read more...]

Atlanta Recap, In Pit-chas!

Me and Natasha cheesing it up for Instagram

My Atlanta trip was probably one of the BEST, no...it was THE BEST trip on the SWIRLING book tour thus far. I got to go to the CNN center NOT as a … [Read more...]

Me, “Swirling” and BB&W on CNN’s HLN Weekend Express. UPDATE: I Taped It!

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  Yesterday was awesome-sauce. Atlanta was a success all around, and "SWIRLING" to CNN by storm. It was cool that host, Natasha Curry, a … [Read more...]

Plan Our D.C. SWIRLING Party and WIN a Free T-Shirt and Dough!


Me and the good folks at Interracial Dating and Social Connections (IDSocialConnect) Meetup Group are planning to a HUU-UUGE event in Washington D.C. … [Read more...]

Attention Atlanta Peeps! Join Me For No-Holds-Barred Discussion About Black Women and Relationships!


If you don't live in Atlanta, I'm so sorry you'll be missing this. Because on September 28, we're holding a NEKKID discussion about what relationship … [Read more...]

Liars and Gaslighters: How the New Anti-Swirling Meme Falls Flat

Sticking out tongues

It seems like every week there's a new anti-swirling article on so-called black women's interest blogs, and I have to wonder why. I mean, we're so … [Read more...]

Ladies, Don’t Sleep on “Swirling” AND Online Dating: One European Man’s Take

'Mr. Netherlands'

I'm often befuddled by the fact that BB&W has almost 1,000 You Tube subscribers, and I wonder who the heck are all these people watching. Imagine … [Read more...]

GASP!! Paul Ryan Dated a Black Girl…What Does That MEAN?!

paul ryan

I've been hit up several times to read the tea leaves regarding news of Paul Ryan's black ex-girlfriend and black sister-in-law, and what that might … [Read more...]