Clueless? Five Non-Verbal Ways To Know He’s Into You

If you don’t know what to look for, some men can be hard to read. If they’re not overtly mack-daddy-ish, they are often subdued and their interest is hard to read. Like my buddy, Jordan Harbinger, c0-founder of the Art of Charm says, “If a guy talks to you, that means he’s interested.” Truth is, unless he’s trying to sell you something or lives in a nursing home, most men won’t just strike up conversations for absolutely no reason. Only women do that. There’s always an endgame for men. But the lamentable truth is that with today’s dismal dating landscape, many men aren’t as assertive as they need to be to close the deal, so here’s some sure-fire non-verbal cues that tell on him every time:


“Men preen–put the finishing touches on their appearance–instinctively,” says Fran Greene, former director of flirting at, and author of The Flirting Bible.  He might adjust his shirt or tie, smooth his hair or pop a stick of gum–all signs he’s tapping into his inner peacock. “Be on the lookout for the preening man. His actions are a dead giveaway that he wants to meet you. And when you do see a sign, take it as an ego boost and make the first move. The ball’s in your court!” says Greene.

Eyebrow Raising

(I’ve witnessed this myself but had no idea what it meant) According to Greene, the eyebrow raise is an instinctive move that men can’t control. The brow-flex is also a clear sign that guy has his eye on you.

Hand on Hips

Hand to hips translates into the message that a guy is ready to meet. “When you see this, walk over to him and white a big smile, say hi. Watch what he does with his hands; once he feels confident you will stick around for the long haul, his hand will relax by his side.” Just make sure the hand-on-hips move includes a sway and a switch–chance are dude’s not playing on our team.

Bedroom Eyes

Know what those are? Half hooded lids, dilated pupils is a sure sign a guy has some serious eyes for you.

Have any of you ladies realized or identified these behaviors and are now kicking yourselves while saying, “DOOOHHH!