Hottie of the Week: Daniel Demaline

Daniel, 39, is a six-foot-plus Louisiana bundle of hawtness. Look at those ridiculously big blue eyes. He’s been married once to a black woman, but is now divorced with no children.

Now living in Texas, Daniel is an oil man. Could be he watched too many episodes of Dallas, because he’s a rig supervisor and also in school to snag a degree in Electronics Technology-Oil and Gas Production and is pretty smart to boot. He’s boasts the following:

  • Student Government Association
    South Campus TCC
  • Sigma Kappa Delta
    English Honors Society
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Honors Society

He likes typical country boy stuff, like fishing, LSU football, and being generally charming as hay-ell.

Find and friend Daniel Demaline here.