Hottie of the Week: Stephen, Looking for his “Queen”

Hey Christelyn, thanks for the feature!

Honestly, being this open with a stranger goes a bit against my nature, so I’m thinking about this as a sort of act of faith in the search for my queen.

Anyways, I’m turning 32 this November (though not your typical Scorpio) which is a bit hard to believe. If I shave my face, I look 16, hence the beard. I’m a middle school social studies teacher, currently in my 5th year. I love my job and truly enjoy it. I never envisioned doing this as a kid nor did I think it’d be so much fun. Sadly, I will never get rich doing it, but at this point in my life, being able to go home happy and feeling like what I do matters is what is most important.

I was raised in a Jewish family, and although I’m not religious, I absolutely believe in God. Race was never really discussed in my house at all. My sister and I brought home Black friends (my sister later, Black boyfriends) and my parents never sweated it. They’ve always believed in us being happy is what’s most vital.

I’m a lifelong skateboarder which has shaped my perspective in a myriad of ways. It has introduced me to people and places that I otherwise would never have encountered and I believe gives me a perspective different from most. I surf too but not as often as I’d like to – Miami doesn’t get quality waves consistently. I shoot photos and write. I’ve been using my summers to pursue these ventures. Last summer, I spent a month in NYC where I worked with a friend of mine shooting photos for his skateboard company ( and assisting a well-known photographer on a video shoot. I also conducted an interview with Danny that will be featured on my website I really enjoy traveling and seeing the world as much as a teacher’s salary will allow. I returned to Brazil for a second time last March to visit and stay with friend’s I made on my first trip. Hoping for a 3rd visit for New Year’s this year.

Quietly, at heart, I am truly a romantic. Truthfully, love is what is most important to me. I’m definitely a “relationship guy” so to speak- never cheated on any woman I’ve ever been with. Although living in Miami lends itself to the one night stand/casual affair, it’s not my thing. I’m at a point where I’m ready and I feel like my Queen and I will find each other. Ironically, I’ve been to 3 weddings this year! (a 4th in Oct.) Good to know God has a sense of humor =)

I’m close with my family and I consider my friends family I’ve picked. I guess I take my relationships of all kinds pretty seriously. I’m outgoing and love to make people laugh and always try to find the humor in everything.

I’ve never been in relationship with a Black woman – almost exclusively Latinas – but I’ve always liked their style. And honestly, I think they like mine =) I’ve been fortunate enough to have had many Black women show interest, but I’ve always been in relationships during those times (and like I said, faithful guy here).

Just looking for a connection in a disconnected world…

Forgive me if I overdid, but just trying to give you what I hope is a well-rounded description. If there’s anything missing, please let me know (gotta keep some mystery, right?). Thanks again for the opportunity!


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