Swirling and Marriage: Sola Coats

Sola and Seth Coats

One year ago, Sola Ogunniyi had no idea that she would be ringing in 2013 as a newly married woman. She is an American woman, originally from the Edo tribe of Nigeria. Sola had completed her advanced medical training at Duke University, North Carolina. After treating herself to some well-deserved traveling and pampering, Sola settled down into a private medical practice. Taking on the world, Sola was a happy single woman who desired to have a family of her own. She had not yet met him but she knew her future husband would be coming in no time.

Sola has always been a swirler and had befriended me on Facebook. She inquired about a trip to Iceland that I was planning for a few single black women. Though that trip didn’t happen, within a few months, Sola was engaged to the man of her dreams, Seth. Stunned, I was so happy for Sola.

Seth is a successful entrepreneur and who spotted Sola one day, while on a venture. It was love at first sight for him and he knew that Sola would be his wife. She did not as of yet. They had a strictly platonic relationship and after a couple of months Seth asked Sola out. On their first date Seth told Sola to “brace herself” because he knew what he wanted. Sola was flattered and impressed but was not completely sold. She vetted Seth well and soon found that he was indeed a quality man who really loved her. Seth proposed to her after a short courtship and a few months later, they became Mr. and Mrs. Coats.

Sola planned a marvelously splendid, lavish, and elegant wedding that was sure to include both American and Edo ceremonies. When looking at Sola’s engagement and wedding photographs, one can’t help but see the love between this beautiful couple! Sola’s journey to marriage was ideal and storybook like. With many of her life goals accomplished, Sola got her man, got her ring, and got married!

Congrats to this happy couple and wishing them the best in life, love and happiness!