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Does Kate Middleton have any black friends?

Written by Nicole J.

By now we all know who Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, AKA Kate Middleton, is. She’s Queen Consort and has birthed the future King of England. She’s been in high society her whole life, and pursued her degree at the same time and location as her husband, Prince William. But for as much public attention she gets, one thing came to mind recently. Does Catherine have any black female friends?


This is a hypothetical question, of course, because I don’t know this woman, and this is all merely speculation. But it just dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve ever seen her photographed with a black woman outside of royal duties. Does it matter if she does or doesn’t? No; my question is why black women are so infrequently seen in that echelon of society.


Now, before you launch into accusations of worshipping white women and whatever other unnuanced excuse you come up with, let’s be clear. A part of the whole “level up” experience being bandied about every which way, is your friend circle. Your level up journey can (and should, to be honest) involve navigating upper echelon societies. Securing the bag via marriage is great and all, but a way to meet the man with the bag is through your friend circle. In a similar vein, Meghan met Harry through her friend circle, after all. That’s why Catherine is the subject of today’s blog.


Like I said, maybe Kate has black women in her circle. The chances are slim but not impossible.


But let’s say she didn’t. I Googled “Kate Middle Black Friends” and a couple other similar terms and came up empty. Why do you think that is? Why are black women rarely, if ever, seen in this arena?


Let’s take a look at Kate Middleton’s confirmed friend list. This article from Hello Magazine lists a few members of her inner circle. The list included women who she met from her school days, or through her husband. Is there anything that these women have in common that black women could mirror and use to their advantage? Obviously we can’t all be millionaires, or marry into royalty, or even the landed gentry, but surely there is something to be learned from these women, whether for yourself, or for your daughters and nieces and cousins coming up.

laura meade zoe warren kate
Source: Hello Magazine

Well for one, they are all married, and married well. It’s a lot easier to meet the aforementioned bag-man to secure when your friends all know somebody who knows somebody who could introduce you to your own prince. They met at prestigious schools and maintained the relationships through the years. While most of the readers of this blog have put their school days behind them, a good way to set up the next generation for success is to enroll them in the very best academic institution you can afford. Networking starts very early these days, and getting in the right circles from an early age can lead to life-long, beneficial friendships.


My very brief research about them yielded no evidence of out-of-wedlock children, which could be grounds for exclusion in some circles. They’re all pretty plain, are thin, and have conservative styles. There were no butterfly-wing eyelashes or Instagram drag-queenesque makeup anywhere to be seen. If those things are your personal style preference, I support you in that, but it may preclude you from certain arenas as well.


Black women are everywhere, and yet so few of us are seen in the highest of high society. It could be that they just are not pictured, or the more likely reason…we’re just not there. Another thing to consider: what was Catherine’s mother doing to put her daughter in the circles she frequented in her youth?


With so much talk of leveling up, the focus is always on the caliber of the man being sought after. And while maintaining a no-bum regimen of male suitors is 100% the goal, leveling up your friends is also a necessity, too. After all, not every so-called friend has your best interest at heart, and can seek to sabotage your attempts at self-improvement if you are progressing a little too fast for their liking.

I am in no way pedestalizing the Royal Family, or rich white women for that matter. Leveling up can take many forms, and shrinking or expanding your friend circle as you embark on that level up journey may come with the territory.


Do you think the future queen has any black friends? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This blog was written by me, Nicole, and my ideas are not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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