Love: Why You Don’t Have to Be Perfect To Find Love, or Anything Else.


“Right around the time I reached my goal weight, I met the man that I would marry”, begins “Chubby, Skinny Accepting”, writer Cole Kazdin’s Modern … [Read more...]

Fun With Your Foreign Boo’s Fam, Language Barrier Be Damned!


by: Ieishah Clelland On Honey’s birthday last spring, we headed to his brother’s house for a family get-together. It was my first time meeting … [Read more...]

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She’s Baaaack! Ieishah Clelland Gives a Quiz: What Would Global Me Do??

The world is waiting

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (and I know some of you are using a bedrock address, you knuckledraggers who think the out-of-wedlock rate in … [Read more...]

From Brooklyn to Barcelona to Belgrade, This Expat Shows Us How International Love is Done


Twitter is a trip. I mean, you meet ALL kinds of CRAZY, and all kinds of SMART, TALENTED, and CLEVER tweeps. Take Ieishah, a Brooklyn expat living … [Read more...]