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About our audience: If you haven’t heard of Beyond Black & White yet, give it five minutes. Beyond Black & White (BB&W) is a premium-content, web-based magazine that serves the interests of the new, liberated, and socially-savvy African American woman, who is determined to find her own happiness, discover her inner and outer beauty, and live life on no one’s terms except her own. She’s college educated, upwardly mobile, and is hungry for news, tips and advice on how to maximize her position

socially, physically, professionally and emotionally. What’s more, she has plenty of disposable income, and enjoys receiving insider tips on the best hair care, health, fashion and lifestyle trends. She reads BB&W at home and at work, and loves the community feeling and sisterhood of the forum, so she keeps coming back to check in several times a day.

“Hola! This is my first time commenting. I’ve been lurking on the site for maybe a year! I really enjoy the website! I check it EVERYDAY!! It’s very funny and well-written. I can directly relate to everything that’s talked about. Thanks for doing it.”

“Hi Christelyn. I’m a sometimes lurker, rare commenter. I just wanted to say thank you for your work putting together this site. I’ve been visiting sporadically for about a year now. When I do visit though I spend hours and read like 15 post at a time. I really enjoy the discussion on the site and it’s definitely opened my eyes to many issues surrounding black women and interracial
relationships as I navigate my own love life. Thank you!” iHeartLove

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    Shabby Apple, purveyor of vintage-inspired women’s fashion“Christelyn not only has a wonderful readership and good following, she is personally adept at connecting her readers with the companies she highlights. We’ve personally seen a surge of sales every time she reviews one of our items!”

    –Athelia Woolley, President and CEO, Shabby Apple

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    “Your numbers put your blog in our top 150 based on how we pull our numbers. That’s really high. The interesting thing is the number of your unique visitors comes in at a lower level, but once people visit your sight they tend to poke around a lot and that’s the number I look at.”

    –Shannon Chastaine, Producer