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What do you do with your hair when you go on vacation? Oneika the Traveller talks hair and travel

Black women, what do you do with your hair when you go on vacation?  I usually struggle. For those of you who don't read my blog, I chopped my hair … [Read more...]

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Oneika: “How Travel Opened Me Up to the Rainbeau”

I was talking to a black friend the other day about relationships. She's single and hoping to find a partner at some point this year. She is willing … [Read more...]

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Are You Letting the Haters Hold You Back from Fulfilling your Travel Dreams?

Are you letting the haters hold you back from fulfilling your travel dreams? I've had to deal with a lot of "noise" from people in my life who have … [Read more...]

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Do You Ever Travel Alone? Some Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

Travelling solo in Chile last October The most frequently asked question I get is how I afford to travel, which I answered in this post. … [Read more...]

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Oneika the Traveler: How I Afford to Travel

In Guatemala last summer   I travel. A lot. The last few years I make anywhere from 7 to 10 international trips a year. I get a … [Read more...]

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Oneika: To Berlin with Her Boo!

2012 is the year of the black traveller. I spent the holidays in Germany with my significant other and rang in 2012 in the streets of … [Read more...]


New Travel Feature: Black Women Need to Travel More!

As a little black girl growing up in Canada, I never dreamed that I would have this life. My family is Jamaican and most trips I took were to the … [Read more...]