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Commentary on the Crooked Room: Shame on You Black Girl…(Part 1)

This multi-part series covering Melissa Harris-Perry's book, Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America, has discussed three main … [Read more...]

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Identifying Black Counterproductive Behavior: “Having Babies” Versus “Becoming Mothers”

I'm a true believe in the power of words to shape how one interacts and communicates their experience with the world. Because I've always done more … [Read more...]


Mammy, The Mule and Equally Yoked: Black Women As Tools of the Trade

I used the term 'equally yoked' for no other reason then the fact that I can't fucking stand the damn phrase. When I hear anyone say it, and I recall … [Read more...]


On DOMA: Are We Defending Marriage or Hate?

Recently, I had to have "the" talk with my four year old son. You know, the one where a parent has to explain that things or people who seem different … [Read more...]


The Superwoman Complex: Deepak Chopra Breaks Down the Dangers of a Stressful Lifestyle

Everyone always talks about stress. They say things like "eat better to reduce stress." And, "exercise for 30 minutes daily to reduce stress." But, … [Read more...]


Mammy, The Mule and Equally Yoked: Black Women as Beasts of Burden

The mule possesses the even temper, patience, endurance and sure-footedness of the donkey, and the vigor, strength and courage of the horse. Operators … [Read more...]

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Biblical Swirling Finale: Are Your Mixed Babies An Abomination???

Ah, the joys of interracial love. You, he and your beautiful little...Gasp!...Mamzers, today known as biracials. Or are they? Take a look at a passage … [Read more...]


Won’t Vote for Mitt Romney Because He’s a Mormon? Five Issues Mitt Romney Should Address About His Faith

By Kendal Sheets Less than a month out from the presidential election, both President Obama and  Mitt Romney have done countless interviews. … [Read more...]

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Biblical Swirling Part II: Colorism Is As Old As The Bible Itself!

Are  you a dark-skinned woman feeling ugly and unfeminine? Well the Abrahamic God thought you worthy to be a woman front and center in the Bible. Yup, … [Read more...]

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Biblical Swirling Part I: THOU SHALT NOT MIX THE TRIBES!

With all this talk of swirling, I often wonder how some of our Christian BWE ladies approach the IR debate in their Christian circles. After all, the … [Read more...]

Does A Superior Culture Make the Israeli’s Successful? Mitt Romney Seems to Think So

Mitt Romney is currently on the tail end of his three-nation overseas trip which was ostensibly designed to convince U.S. voters that he is ready to … [Read more...]


The “Scientology” of Cults: Do You Know Someone Who’s Trapped?

All this talk about TomKat's divorce stemming from Tom Cruise's dedication to Scientology and Katie Holme's fear that their daughter, Suri might soon … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “When Should Religion Be a Deal Breaker?”

Dear Christelyn Karazin, I am a current college graduate and I have been looking into interracial dating and came across your website and love it. … [Read more...]