White Math + Black Woman = Career Gold

girl writing math problem

So, I guess I am a 'blerd.' You know, a black nerd. And, I have always been one. In third grade I disassembled my mother's salad spinner and put it … [Read more...]

Commentary on the Crooked Room: Mammy, Oh Mammy, Wherefore Art Thou Mammy?


In Part 2 of this commentary series, I discussed the first character introduced in Melissa Harris-Perry's 2011 book Sister Citizen: Shame, … [Read more...]

Commentary on the Crooked Room: Melissa Harris-Perry Reveals the Jezebel in All Her Glory


Originally, I thought I could do Melissa Harris-Perry's work, Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America, enough justice by … [Read more...]

Commentary on the Crooked Room: Melissa Harris-Perry Shines a Light On How Perception Affects Black Women


A recent sequence of posts about Black women, perceptions of beauty, and our inability to accept compliments rekindled a desire in me to write about … [Read more...]

Wendy Ida: Most Definitely a New, NEW Black Woman!

wendy ida

Check out this amazing woman. I want to be her when I grow up. This woman is 60. As in, 10 years over half a century. Wendy Ida started her fitness … [Read more...]

Hurry Up, Quick! The Beautiful and Talented Sandra Booker Needs Our Help!!


You might not have heard of Sandra Booker yet, but rest assured you will. She is one of THE MOST TALENTED jazz singers I have ever heard. Her voice is … [Read more...]

Come Hither: Bees in the Trap (So He’s Checking Me Out…Now What Do I Do!?)

seductive eyes

If you read the first part of my little 'how to' on being a man magnet diva, you already learned a few new tricks meant to catch the eye of any red … [Read more...]

Baby…..Momma…..July 18, 1990

tracy renee cover

  I screamed! I pushed! I screamed and you pushed! Changed my life forever In such a clever way. Absolutely Without you there would … [Read more...]

She’s Moving On: Race Woman No More


At one time, not too long ago, I used to be a Race Woman. What is a Race Woman? A Race Woman is a black woman who fights relentlessly for the … [Read more...]

The New, NEW Black Woman: Mia Love

mia love

Ha! I bet you thought all Mormons were white.   Okay; the mostly are, but Mia Love, Republican candidate for Congress in the 4th … [Read more...]