attractive african woman topless

Anthony Robinson, Founder of, speaks on the controversy surrounding his new dating site

Since Mr. Anthony Robinson announced that he was starting a dating site for black women and men (of all races/ethnicities) who were interested in … [Read more...]

August 2013 Birchbox

Check Out My New Beauty Finds, Courtesy of Birchbox

For only $10 a month Birchbox, a monthly subscription service, sends you samples of beauty products every month. August 2013 was my first month as a … [Read more...]

Cast of 'Martin'

#Throwback Thursday: Martin

Martin was the name of a comedic sitcom that aired for five seasons from 1992 to 1997. The eponymous show was named after comedian Martin Lawrence, … [Read more...]


Is $15 An Hour Unreasonable Pay for Flipping Burgers?

Let me just fast forward to the answer of the question in the title of this post: No, I don't think $15 an hour is unreasonable pay for flipping … [Read more...]


You CRAY, Mayor Bloomberg! Showing off your beautiful interracial family is not racist.

Now that Bill de Blasio may actually be close to winning his campaign for Mayor of New York, some of his detractors are starting to let their claws … [Read more...]

Barack Obama

A US President Wants to Bomb a Middle Eastern Country? Heard That One Before…

Something told me that awarding Barack Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize barely 10 months into his first term as President was a bit … [Read more...]


Reality TV Star Evelyn Lozada on Why She Married an Abuser: “I Just Wanted to Be Married”

Now I know that many of the BB&W regulars HATE reality TV shows featuring black women who aren't afraid to turn on the ratchet--namely, shows like … [Read more...]

Julep Bombshell Nail Polishes

Ah, Julep…For Lusty Nail Lovers…

Do you love switching up your style by, in part, changing your nail color? If so, then you'll be happy to learn about the monthly subscription nail … [Read more...]

Good News! Childhood Obesity Rates Are Declining

Kids across the country are slimming down. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control documents the declining obesity rate among the nation's … [Read more...]

Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia)

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen Hashtag Cracks the Fissure Between Women of Color and White Feminists Wide Open

It all started with the public meltdown of faux feminist Hugo Schwyzer. Schwyzer, a self-proclaimed feminist and a professor who taught women's … [Read more...]

“Getting A Black Man Is The Best A Black Woman Can Do”….Oh, REALLY?????

You all have to excuse me, but I have been having the most interesting conversations with people lately and I just have to relay these talks I've been … [Read more...]

About Singledom: “But What If GAWD Sends You a Man With 9 Kids???!! What Are You Going to Do Then?”

Another Sunday night, another time to chat on the phone with one of my best girlfriends about when I'm going to get serious about this whole … [Read more...]


Watch Zoe Saldana and Christian Bale in the First Trailer for ‘Out of the Furnace’

Although 'Out of the Furnace' won't be out in theaters until December, the first official trailer for the movie has already been released. In the … [Read more...]