#Throwback Thursday: Martin

Martin was the name of a comedic sitcom that aired for five seasons from 1992 to 1997. The eponymous show was named after comedian Martin Lawrence, who starred as a Detroit radio host, and followed his adventures (and misadventures) with his girlfriend, Gina (played by Tisha Campbell), and their friends.

The following clip is from a second season episode titled ‘Love Is in Your Face, part I’

Gina and Martin had been dating for couple of years–and living together for at least two–when Gina gets a job offer in New York. Initially she doesn’t want to take the offer; she wants to stay and continue her relationship with Martin. But when she tells Martin about the offer, expecting him to beg her to stay, he tells her sayonara!.

Martin doesn’t really want her to leave but, unwilling to express his true feelings for Gina and propose marriage, he instead elects to use a combination of reverse psychology, ‘game,’ and testing Gina’s resolve. Martin didn’t get the results he was expecting! Watch below.


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