Younger, Less-Educated, People of Color Are The Most Likely to Identify as LGBT

The Gallup Organization and the Williams Institute at the law school of the University of California, Los Angeles, published the results of the … [Read more...]


All The Black People Who Got Hired In September Were Women

Everyone was so excited--or distraught, you be the judge--over the national unemployment rate dipping to 7.8 percent in September that the other big … [Read more...]


Notes About the Bus Driver with the Killer Uppercut: “Men Are People Too”

When it was reported that a 25-year old Cleveland woman riding an RTA bus was uppercut and violently thrown off said bus by the 59-year old bus driver … [Read more...]


Friday Funny: YouTube Video “Capuchin Monkeys Reject Unequal Pay”

While having a discussion in one my MBA classes, the Professor showed the following video as an example of how everyone--and yes, "everyone" even … [Read more...]


Bloggers Continue to Take Jabs at Black Women Who Prefer Interracial Dating

K.Michelle, singer and a reality TV star on the VH1 show 'Love and HipHop,' has done an interview in which she said, among other things, that she … [Read more...]

Meet the First Lady of Justice: Fatou Bensouda

Ms. Fatou B. Bensouda, from the Republic of The Gambia, assumed the position of Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in June 2012. … [Read more...]


Machine Gun Kelly Acts a Fool (AGAIN!) and Demonstrates Why You Should Avoid Any Event Promising an Appearance by a Rapper

Remember Machine Gun Kelly, the scrawny foul-mouthed dude who insisted he knew ALL about the "talents" of black women? Guess what...He's … [Read more...]


NYT Critic Takes a Shot At Black Female-White Male Relationships: “They’re Weird”

Television shows featuring black women happily boo-ed up with their white male significant others are gaining traction and started to appear more … [Read more...]


President Barack Obama Is Prepping for the Debates, Is There Anything You Wish You Could Ask Him?

Business Insider is reporting that President Obama is about to start sweating it out in preparation for the upcoming Presidential debates: President … [Read more...]

Michael Fassbender and Alfre Woodard Tied to Steve McQueen’s Adaption of ’12 Years a Slave’

Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen make quite the couple. Fassbender, the German-Irish actor last teamed up with McQueen, the British director when … [Read more...]

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Black Male Unemployment and High School Graduate Rates are Worse Than the Statistics Say

Everyone already knew that things were bad for black men--the high unemployment rates, the low high school graduation rates, etc., but it turns out … [Read more...]

“Strong Women Are Attractive,” Says Michael Fassbender

It's easy to get on a roll and then find that you have gone too far in the wrong direction. It's even possible to go too far in the right direction. … [Read more...]


Ann Coulter: White Men Who Date Black Women Are “Freedom Riders”

Frequent Fox News contributor and far right political pundit Ann Coulter is promoting a new book, thus we can all expect to get served double doses of … [Read more...]