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Naomie Harris KILLS It in New ‘Skyfall’ Movie Trailer

Your appetite for the next James Bond film was probably whet when Daniel Craig, as Bond, escorted the Queen of England to the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies in a fantasy parachuting sequence. If you were jonesing for more 007 after that publicity move, here’s your next fix. The official teaser trailer, a video blog, and a promo poster featuring actress Naomie Harris–who plays “Eve” in ‘Skyfall’–has been released.

Check out the scene in the teaser trailer at the 49 second mark where “Eve” is seductively shaving the face of Bond. Oh my…

Am I the only one that thinks Naomie Harris is going to be 10-times more badass as a Bond girl than Halle Berry was?

Sources: Shadow and Act; itv News.
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