Talking Hair . . . with Your Stylist! Six Tips To Help Bridge the Communication Gap.

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A few weeks ago a dear friend (I’ll call her “Jane”) posted a comment on my Facebook page concerning how disappointed she was with her stylist for … [Read more...]

Had the Same Hairstyle for a Decade? Five Ways to Refresh Your Hairstyle


Time to Hit the ‘REFRESH’ Button! When was the last time you heard someone say, “Girl, you haven’t changed a bit?” That may seem like a compliment, … [Read more...]

Kaye, BB&W Resident Hair Expert Gives Hair Care Tips in the Dead Heat of Summer

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  Your Hair and the Dog Days of Summer   Soon we will be enjoying the breezy days of fall, but before we do, we must endure the “Dog Days of … [Read more...]

Natural Hair: Fad, Trend or Movement?


Have you seen the September issue of O magazine? Oprah is wearing her hair natural, and boy is she rocking it! With all the talk about natural … [Read more...]

The Fountain of Youth, For Colored Girls Only


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Thousands of Hair Conditioners: Which One is Right for You?


  Hair Conditioners… finding your balance!   Are you finding hair in your comb/brush, on your shirt, bathroom floors or anywhere but securely … [Read more...]

BB&W’s New Resident Hair Care Expert, Kaye Flewellen on “The Skinny of Healthy Hair”

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  The Skinny on Healthy Hair Visit Kaye's site here. As a tenured stylist in the hair care industry, I am often asked, “What are your … [Read more...]