Had the Same Hairstyle for a Decade? Five Ways to Refresh Your Hairstyle

Time to Hit the ‘REFRESH’ Button!

When was the last time you heard someone say, “Girl, you haven’t changed a bit?” That may seem like a compliment, but most often it is not. We always want to change and update to the newest data. The other day I left my computer sitting idle, and when I went back to it, I realized it was showing old data. I refreshed the screen and voilà! The web page was updated, and the information I viewed was fresh and current.

So, when was the last time you changed your hair or makeup? If it has been more than two years, it’s time! If your answer is, “I don’t know,” then run to the nearest salon and/or makeup counter. Nothing dates a woman like an outdated hairstyle and makeup. We are often creatures of habit; we find styles and looks that are convenient and that work for our schedules. Unfortunately, these looks can wreak havoc on our personal imaging. Often we need only make subtle changes.

Here are five ways to refresh your hairstyle:

Add Color: Whether it’s going slightly lighter, adding highlights, or making a radical transformation, color is a guaranteed “pick me up.” Because color can make or break your style, it is a good idea to visit a seasoned colorist for this change.
Cut it: A short cut says playful, youthful, and sassy. A short cut suggests that you are bold, confident, and a risk taker. There are several sites you can visit that will allow you to see what a cut will look like on your face. Here is a site that I visit often:
Play with texture: If you have always worn your hair straight, add more curl. Curls are sexy! If you have always been curly, relax the curl some. Consider a more deconstructed curl; it makes your hair appear longer and it is more youthful.
Add Bangs or a Fringe: Maybe you are not ready to commit to a full haircut. However, by simply changing your bangs to a softer or longer side swept bang; or by framing your face with more fringes in your cut, you can freshen up your look without adding more maintenance.
Change you part: This is obviously the easiest change, yet it is effective. This is the easiest way to add a little spice or variety to an existing look. Consider a middle part; or if you have always worn a part, eliminate the part all together.

We live in a highly automated and technological society. Technology is ever progressing and changing. Failing to adjust to the changes can quickly outdate your gadgets. Like technology, a few changes can significantly update and modernize your look. Change is not always easy but as times evolve so must we. Hit the “refresh” button and freshen up your look.

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