Yolette and Dustin, Wedded Bliss

Yolette and Dustin 2

I met Yvette Joseph Burger via Swirling and Marriage.  Yolette submitted some of her gorgeous wedding photos and now I am sharing with you.  I got a … [Read more...]

Do You Recognize a Psycho When You See One? Jordan Harbinger, “Swirlr” Co-Host Interviews an Admitted Sociopath

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My friend and "Swirlr" co-host, Jordan Harbinger just interviewed a very dangerous man: an admitted narcissistic psychopath. You must listen when you … [Read more...]

Check Me Out on “Art of Charm’s” Pick Up Podcast!

Wow...two posts in one day with two of my FAVORITE-EST male relationship coaches! Jordan and I got together for this podcast on interracial … [Read more...]

Abiola Abrams and Mollena Williams Address Now-Infamous Letter That Called Interracial Relationships Into Question

A boatload of you asked me to address the letter published in Essence.com from a black woman who alleged that her white husband called her racial … [Read more...]

Author Says Organized Religion Has It All Wrong

church congregation

Have you ever (like me) sat through a church service and listened to some doctrine that seemed to be way out wacky, or search as you might, you … [Read more...]