Gone “Swirling” Today!

BW licks ice cream

Unless you just came back from an extended stay in Outer, Inner, and Upper Siberia, you're probably aware that today, May 15, 20012, is the release … [Read more...]


softcup giftbag

Look real close, ladies! These are some of the ingredient of the good-est goodie bag in all of blogdom. It's all part of our goal to get you ladies … [Read more...]

Click If You Dare! Find Out Why I’m Half NEKKID Talking About “Swirling.”


HAHAHA made you look! Shame on you all, with your dirty, filthy minds...;-) … [Read more...]

Stila, Vaska, Barleans, SENNA, Anatasia Beverly Hills and More Wanna Make Sure You’re “First Date Ready” at L.A. “Swirling” Book Signing!

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It's not everyday that you get to have a book signing, so Janice and I want to kick off the "Swirling" phenomenon in the kick-arse-i-est way we know … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Chapter Excerpt: “What Do I Do If My Partner’s Parents Think Our Interracial Relationship is a Sin?”

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This one is serious, so no silly sound effects. This is a real note, for a real person, so I want to be sensitive to how she might be feeling. It's … [Read more...]

‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Moment’ Chapter in “Swirling” Book Excerpt in HITCHED!

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From HitchedMag.com... The following is an excerpt from "Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed" My Guess Who? … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Video Book Reading: Let’s Talk People Who Stare At Interracial Couples!

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In my goal to continue to hustle like a Jamaican (see reference to joke here) check out the next installment of book excerpts from "Swirling: How To … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Video Reading: Best U.S. Cities to Have Interracial Relationships

Book Club Girls

Know what today is? It's April 15. Yeah; I know it's Tax Day. BUT! Did you also know that it's … [Read more...]

“My First Time with a White Guy” Ebony.com Feature Mentions “Swirling!”

BW:WM bedroom morning

Here's an article that will raise your blood pressure--in a good way. Writer Arielle Loren, publisher of Corset magazine, wrote about her mind-blowing … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Book Trailer! Hint: Barbies Are Involved…

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