A Lesson in Vetting and Giving Folks Enough Rope

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As much as my fingers often itch in longing, I hardly ever comment on the I-hate-Chris collective that often appears in the peanut gallery comments … [Read more...]

Video: Three OUTRAGEOUS Myths About “Swirling”

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This video is a light-hearted response to some cold-blooded assumptions that are being made about "Swirling" by people--some who are self-proclaimed … [Read more...]

Part II of Europa Village Recap: Online Dating Advice You Can Actually Use!

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[Read more...]

Video: Black Women’s Barriers to Entry in Interracial Dating

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For those of you who are curious about what the heck we talk about during our events...check it out. Think we're just exaggerating, and this is … [Read more...]

Taking This Show On The Road–#Swirling Going National!


These events, ya'll--I don't mean to make you jelly or anything, but they continue to be amazing. Even in 98-degree heat (well, at least it's a dry … [Read more...]

Got “Swirling” and Ready to Date? Online Dating Service Gives You Three Free Months.

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You've read "Swirling" and me and Janice have got you revved up and you're ready to get out there and start dating. Complaints or not, online dating … [Read more...]

Photo of the Day: MIL’s Down with the SWIRL!

Mom Swirling

I woke up this morning, and as usual, my inlaws were all showered, brushed and dressed when I come down the stairs in a staggered haze  searching for … [Read more...]

Ladies, It Looks Like We’ve Got Some Allies…!


Last night's SWIRLING event in Brooklyn was by far the largest we've had so far. My agent says that there were about 160 people there, so woo … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “Do You Have Any Advice for Age-Differences Swirlers?”


Dear Chris, I have been lurking on yoru site and I have been reading it a few times each wee. I love it and I love the face that it is a safe haven … [Read more...]

Kari Cobham Dishes on What’s it Like for West Indians Swirling in America


Kari Cobham is a Trinidad-born, Florida-based writer, editor and social media strategist. A former award-winning journalist at The Daytona Beach … [Read more...]