Beyonce (the Album) Review: Why this Church Girl Loves Bey and the Book of Knowles-Carter


Did y’all catch that Grammy performance?  Dayum.  I thought she had lost it as she had be gone for a minute, but we should never count King Bey out.  … [Read more...]

BB&W Intern Elizabeth’s 25 Life Lessons


I celebrated my 25th birthday recently.  It was somewhat anticlimatic.  The height of my excitement in reaching 25 was that I could finally rent a … [Read more...]

***Spoiler Alert***: Swirling in Camelot


***Spoiler Alert*** Swirling in Camelot:  The Once and Future Queen For all you lovely and blerdie sci-fi fans, I have found a gem among the … [Read more...]

My Afternoon with Matthew Hussey: “Self-Worth is your choice.”


Coincidentally on this venture today I invited an old friend who I had been avoiding for some time because of her personality.  I couldn’t figure out … [Read more...]

Why Should Black Women Be Saved? Because We Are Worth It!


So since the hot mess that surrounded Django has died down I feel like I can now throw my two cents in.  Well after Brother Lee has come to the … [Read more...]

Elizabeth the Intern asks: “Are African-American Females Truly Free to Pursue Lives of Happiness?”


OK ladies, my youth is about to show, so I need some words of wisdom.  A few days ago, another study popped up where it said that white men are still … [Read more...]

Romancing an Introvert: Striking Up a Conversation


Four Letters for you:  I-N-F-J.   If you’re familiar with the Myers Briggs test or other personality tests, you will most likely understand this to … [Read more...]

Product Spotlight: Arquiste’s Boutonniere No° 7, a Gardenia Fragrance, For MEN??


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Blasian Fusion Couple: Andie and Ken (Part 3) – Forget the Blueprint


We’ve all had one, girls anyway, at one point or another.  That list you create when you’re dreaming of that special person.  You imagine what he … [Read more...]

Interview with Writer and Former Madame Noire Editor, Demetria Irwin


On location at the film screening and panel discussion of "The Souls of Black Girls", BB&W had the opportunity to speak with Panel member, the … [Read more...]