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Dianne Daniels: Conquer Your Closet – Dump the Clutter for Good!

By Dianne M. Daniels, CEO Visit her blog: "How to Love Your Reflection" Ladies, we are at war…with our closets! If you’re like me, it … [Read more...]

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For Colored Girls, Who Look in the Mirror and Think They’re Ugly When They’re Not

I can’t recall what I said to him that causes him to pick me up onto my feet and drag me into the bathroom. He stands behind me, mahogany hands … [Read more...]


Should We Cease To Embrace the One Drop Rule?

I am quite sure that you’re familiar with the ‘black people come in many different colors” or "we range from dark chocolate, caramel, and corn … [Read more...]

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Me and You against the World: How Chibi and David Work to Make it Work

By Chibi Sayuri Hmm, it’s amazing how far David and I have come and even more amazing how much we fought the world and society to tell them that … [Read more...]

Spartacus 2010; Epsiode 108

Movie Porn…Loinclothes, Abs and Interracial Loving. Why Sparticus is Better Than Sex (and the Movie 300)

I'm currently going through round number two of a sit down marathon of the STARZ sitcom, Sparticus. Now I don't need to give you a history lesson for … [Read more...]

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Health Guru, Zabeth on How to Weigh Yourself Right

Do You Know How To Weigh Yourself? Good news! You might weigh less than you think…or you might weigh more. The fact of the matter is many people … [Read more...]

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Abiola Abrams on…Da Da Dunnnnn! Pleasuring Yourself. O_o

Eugenia, sounds like you and Abiola are on the same page on this! ;-) … [Read more...]

Do You Define Your Hair, Or Does It Define You?

By Dr. Phoenyx Austin An interesting thing happened to me once when I went to a salon looking for hair products, specifically those for detangling … [Read more...]

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BB&W Crew Guy, NATruthstudent: Can We Grow Out of “Racial” Tribalism?

Can we grow out of "racial" tribalism? Posted on 11/20/09 Greetings to all! When BP notifies me that someone has viewed my … [Read more...]

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o_O! Abiola Abrams Talks Sex Toys!

Pearl, cover your eyes. Here's a question: How many of you have this stuff? I mean, I can not go to a sex shop and maintain a straight face, ever. … [Read more...]

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Can Going Natural Really Affect Your Career?

By Dr. Phoenyx Austin   Are you thinking about going natural right now, but hesitate because you think it will negatively affect your … [Read more...]

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By Dr. Phoenyx Austin: It’s Easier to Find a Good Black Man Over a Good White One. Really?!?

I’m taking a break from my usually schedule hair posts to write a bit about love and culture. Yeah, I like to touch on the relationship stuff … [Read more...]

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Abiola Abrams on Mojito Salad & Love Advice

[Read more...]