Niki Chambers: BOINKABLE Hotties, Super Bowl Edition!


I love football. I belong to an all female fantasy football league (named Cougar Blood…yeah, wasn’t my idea) and I took first place in the league … [Read more...]

Danielle Belton: The New, NEW Black Woman


Going off that last post over yonder about the New, NEW Black Woman (NNBW) I thought it would be fun (or just less redundant) to focus Black History … [Read more...]

Do All Men Want to Protect ‘Their’ Women from Other Men?


I was on another blog and one of the blog proprietors, a woman born to a white mother and black father, made the following comment regarding her … [Read more...]

Dr. Phoenyx Drops Hair Care Knowledge In Fabulous New Book!!

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Attention ladies (and fellas) of BBW!! I just alerted Chris that I will be officially releasing my new book "If You Love It, It Will Grow! A Guide … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Dating After Sexual Assault

beautiful woman long hair

**Attention all--I got this question today, and because of the sensitive nature of the post, I brought in a licensed therapist, Tina Tessina, PhD, to … [Read more...]

How They Met: Ed and Deidre!


Ed and I met at the skating rink. I remember the first time I saw him I thought he was a nice looking older white man but why is he here with all … [Read more...]

Do You Support Marriage for All?

wedding rings

I associate the word marriage with religion and since I also support a separation of church and state, I see nothing wrong with allowing religious … [Read more...]

Entertainment: “The Help” Takes it Away and Sag Awards, Exclusive Interview with Deena Jacobs

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I'm not thinking this is really a great thing, ya'll. Is it just me being paranoid (again) or does it seem like every movie centered around the bad … [Read more...]

Why Do Some Black Men Hate Black Women?

man in turmoil

If you were at the bottom of the totem pole among men, would you feel the need to pick on someone else in order to feel better about yourself? Anyone … [Read more...]

Millicent Hunter: “Being Raised Outside of the U.S. Gave Me Something I Could Never Get Here.”

PowderMill 1972

Recently, a writer for Clutch Magazine posed the question, “Should more black girls be raised outside the U.S.?” As an American-born black female … [Read more...]