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Health Guru, Zabeth on How to Weigh Yourself Right

Do You Know How To Weigh Yourself?

Good news! You might weigh less than you think…or you might weigh more. The fact of the matter is many people don’t know how to properly weigh themselves in order to get the most accurate reading. It seems easy enough, but many people get this one wrong- there really is a science to it and if the readings you’re taking aren’t accurate than how can you meet your weight loss (or weight gain) goals?

Timing is everything The worst time to weigh yourself is at the end of the day before you go to bed. Why? You’re loaded up with food, water, and waste. Another bad time to weigh- and I see this one often- is right after a workout. Why? Any weight you’ve lost is strictly water weight; as soon as you down that Vitamin Water (which you shouldn’t be drinking anyway) the pounds will be back on. Plus your sweat logged clothing will seriously weigh you down and your sneakers will add about 5 to 10 lbs as well. The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning. Seriously, don’t have breakfast, just roll out of bed and get on the scale. You’re body has been digesting food all night so, it’s probably good to urinate and take a #2 before getting on the scale- human waste will weigh you down as well.

Get Naked Or “nekkid” as Christelyn would say. Clothing- even light, flimsy clothing- will add pounds or ounces. Take it off! Then step on the scale. You’ll get the most accurate reading in your birthday suit.

Follow Directions Buy a good scale- they’re pretty cheap to begin with anyway. Each scale has a different way of reading your weight, so do what it asks you to do. For example, my scale’s directions indicate: tap once, wait three seconds, step on. Others will read differently.


With all that said, don’t get too tied up in the numbers on the scale. There are other means are measuring your progress too. How are your clothes fitting? Have you lost or gained inches? You may also notice changes during different times of the month.

Best of luck!

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