Come Hither: Moving On After a Loss (A Very Final Conclusion)


(Continued from this post) I'm not crazy and it wasn't a hopeful presumption on my part or a case of mistaken identity. Puffy was running back … [Read more...]

Triple Consciousness and the Black Woman


W.E.B Du Bois was a brilliant man. He was an important contributing factor to the new social science named sociology and one of the greatest writers … [Read more...]

Why has feminism become a dirty word?

African  woman

Why has feminism become a dirty word? Guest poster**(MissFLondon)** The post is intended as tongue in cheek; no real offense meant, I just want to … [Read more...]

Hot For Teacher…………

heart apple

And since you mentioned older men, that brings to mind that taboo about the delectable and forbidden older man. The one that kept you up all night … [Read more...]

Come Hither: Dirty Old Man or Experienced Lover? Let’s Talk About it!!

sexy older man

Let me tell you something about me....... I'm, shall we say, energetic...... I've been burning the candle at both ends since my infant days. I … [Read more...]

Identifying Black Counterproductive Behavior: “Having Babies” Versus “Becoming Mothers”

little black boy

I'm a true believe in the power of words to shape how one interacts and communicates their experience with the world. Because I've always done more … [Read more...]

Mammy, The Mule and Equally Yoked: Black Women As Tools of the Trade


I used the term 'equally yoked' for no other reason then the fact that I can't fucking stand the damn phrase. When I hear anyone say it, and I recall … [Read more...]

Give the Gift of Words……A Book of Cursed Poem and Verse

tracy book cover

I've had my head stuck in the sand for a few weeks while recovering from the hurricane and an abrupt adjustment in my work career. I guess I should be … [Read more...]

I Love Men….But The Question Is……Do You?!


Now it can never be said that TRJ is a man hater. Chile, bye, in all actuality, I'll chase a man down like a hound dog sprinting behind an innocent … [Read more...]

Mammy, The Mule and Equally Yoked: Black Women as Beasts of Burden


The mule possesses the even temper, patience, endurance and sure-footedness of the donkey, and the vigor, strength and courage of the horse. Operators … [Read more...]

TRJ Shrinks Yo’ Mind: Why Some Black Women Can’t Take a Compliment

Naked ethnic black woman covering her breast

After the simple post that turned into a not so simple chaotic room full of people fussing at each other, our resident W/men folk posed a question … [Read more...]