Why I Have Mixed Feelings About the Firing of the Co-Host of the “Opie & Anthony” Show


I remember when I was working as a lowly PR grunt representing a bagel company and trying to get a mention on the "Opie and Anthony" show when they … [Read more...]

Riddle Me This: What Other Award Shows Have Actual Shootings and People Killed ‘Black Excrement Television’ (BET)


I'm convinced most of the wealthy black elite class in America could not give two negative phucks for 'regular' black people, and they're willing to … [Read more...]

Company’s Photo Discrepancy Gives Subtle Message to Black Mothers Versus White Mothers


I've quietly watched a company called Baby K'Tan work to dig itself out of a public relation social media nightmare because of this photo. There are … [Read more...]

(Bonus) Man Candy Monday: World Cup Hotties!!


Is it just me, but is there some special gene that footballers have in common that makes them smoking hot? I mean, I'm a soccer mom in name only--I … [Read more...]

Essence Excludes Gabrielle Union’s Interracial Romantic Interest on “Think Like a Man Too.”

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I have to admit, I never saw Think Like a Man. And most likely, I won't be spending my change to see Think Like a Man Too. But let's for the sake of … [Read more...]

Biker Gang Rolls In to Protect Maya Angelou’s Funeral from Being Infected by Westboro Church Douchebags. Or…Not?


Generally I'm a little scared of biker gangs. It's rare that I hear news about them and say, "Woohoo, rock on, you leathery scary people!" So news … [Read more...]

Lavern Cox Graces the Cover of TIME Magazine: Speaks on Race, Gender and Violence

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There is no question that Lavern Cox is setting the world on fire. This African American beauty is one of the break away stars of Orange is the New … [Read more...]

DeBlasio Gives Lessons On How to Protect a Woman. Take Notes.


The media is so hard on mothers. If you're Michelle Obama, militant feminists complain that you shame the movement because you're happy with being … [Read more...]

Ann Coulter Belittles the #BringBackOurGirls Hash Tag and Gets Her Ass Handed To Her On Twitter

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She thought she was gonna be a snarky, irreverent biotch, making fun of REAL HUMAN BEINGS who have been kidnapped, raped repeatedly, beaten, and sold … [Read more...]

Escaped Captive from Boko Haram Gang Said She Was Raped 15 Times a Day.


The stories from this troubled region just continue to get worse and worse. I can't tell you how utterly helpless I feel. The little power I have on … [Read more...]