Your Concern For Candace Owens’ Baby is FAKE

Written by Nicole


Earlier this month, conservative commentator Candace Owens and her husband George Farmer welcomed their first-born son into the world. As is customary for such events, this was announced on social media. And because Candace holds opinions viewed as in direct opposition to black group think, there was no shortage of commentors jumping at the chance to express their concern about her “raising a black son”.


So, as always, I have a few thoughts.


Red + Yellow = Orange, but Black + White = …Black?

I’m convinced that a lot of people didn’t pay attention to color theory in kindergarten art class. Mixing paints of course lacks the nuance with mixing races, but go with me here. If you mix two primary colors, the resulting color will be a mix of the original two colors. Red and blue makes purple. Blue and yellow makes green. Red and yellow makes orange. There are exceptions of course (that’s why Crayola makes those big 96-color wax crayons, and have colors like red-orange, blue-green, and my childhood favorite, wisteria), but this is the general rule. Why is it then that when the baby of a black parent and white parent is born, that baby is deemed black?


Concern-Trolling is soooo 2020

Candace has been no stranger to attacks online – from her politics, to her hair, a favorite whipping post, to anything else. Now, as I have said before, I don’t agree with every single thing Candace has said. However, one does not have to be in exact lockstep agreement with her to see a few interesting trends.


The same people rushing to use the gif of Daffy Duck tapdancing, or calling her the C-word that rhymes with spoon, have all of a sudden generated all this concern for Baby Farmer.  The same people who will call a 12-year-old girl fast, or say she knew better, or claim she “seduced” a grown predator, are just so torn up about the fate of this child who has only been on the planet for 12 days. The same people who are worried about what Candace will teach her son, are noticeably absent as it pertains to what the sons of the community are already being taught right now! Why is that?


Here are a few examples of all the fake concern I’ve seen, out of a particularly vile comment section that reported the news:

Somebody call child services that child not safe ! (Are you serious? This child is safer than most black or biracial children.)

Dat poor baby boy feels sorry for him (Why?)

She will come to know the fear of every black mother! (I’m not a mother, but can some black mothers share if this is true?)

Poor child. He will be lost and self hating just like his pitiful mother. (Being openly critical of the things black people do is not the same as being self-hating).


This one is particularly interesting:

That’s called child abuse. POOR KID. I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM.


I cannot help but wonder if all this concern would be expended if she had a girl. But that is another story unto itself.


Other comments were even worse, wishing future harm on a literal newborn.

Can’t wait to see her reactions when he’s getting harassed and questioned just for walk down the street in his own neighborhood. Or when he gets accused of stealing at the mall because he’s wearing nice clothes or shoes.

Well she better hope he never gets profiled in their neighborhood while jogging or just simply minding his business and being a Black male…imagine that.


Hopefully she has “The Talk” with him about how to act when pulled over by the police.


Isn’t it interesting how all of a sudden, people are so invested in the welfare of a well-off biracial baby who, statistically speaking, is probably going to be okay? This child is not even eating solid food yet and here come the masses, chomping at the bit to spin narratives where he might come to harm.


This concern is FAKE.

Honestly, it’s embarrassing. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of commenters were black women.

You may say “we can walk and chew gum at the same time!”. And yes, in the myriad of things to be worried about, we can certainly split our attention.


However…we are not.

You cannot tell me that this concern is real when 60% of black girls are molested before 18. THAT is child abuse. You can’t convince me this concern is real when homicide is the second leading cause of death in black females aged 1-19That is a real concern.


But be sure to “put your prayers up” for the latest celebrity stricken with COVID or a karmic aneurysm two decades in the making, though.

Drawing comparisons to other newsworthy events this week

The Farmer baby wasn’t the only black-related news to break this week. I haven’t heard a peep from the usual outlets about the black male serial killer who murdered three elderly black women in their homes. But since those women were all in their 70s or more,  perhaps it’s not an equal comparison. Society hates women, black women, and old women, so old black women would never make the news. In Harlem, a 31-year old black woman (the very same age as Candace) was mauled by two black males, who refused to take no for an answer.  One even tried to bite her eye out. This was a truly animalistic, vile assault that has not garnered nearly enough widespread attention.

Here’s another example: the same news outlet that had a headline calling Candace “one of the most self-hating African Americans” as part of their coverage, with a comment section full of netizens sharing their concerns, has nothing about the many black children that were murdered last year.

Source: Facebook Comment section

People are so concerned about this little boy, born into privilege, meanwhile Kiki down the street, or Camille in your own family, is fending off predators right and left! Why do I never see comment sections 2000+ comments deep expressing concern about that?!

I have seen far more coverage of downright trivial topics on black-focused news outlets, than the black femicide epidemic rampaging the country. According to the Black Femicide-US Facebook page, a black woman is killed every eight hours. For a group of people that allege that Candace doesn’t care about them, they sure are going hard in the paint for her offspring.


The fake concern about Candace Owens’ son once again shows that a concerning number of black folks, including black women, are focused on the wrong thing. Very few commenters deriding the joyous occasion of a new baby argued Candace’s political beliefs. Instead, they jumped at the chance to show how much they simply do not care for black women, or the children she bears.


Disclaimer: This blog was written by me, Nicole, and my ideas are not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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