Ciara Gets the Ring: Joins #TeamBabyMomma of B-List Urban Producer With Child Support Issues

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You may or may not have heard of the singer Ciara, if you didn't, don't be alarmed. She's known in Hip Hop to be the muse of Missy Elliot who rose to … [Read more...]

Can We Get Past The Other N Word?

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Jury Questionnaire I am not trivializing or trying to diminish Raeana Roberson's outrage upon seeing a choice between African American and Negro on a … [Read more...]

Black Father Gets Racist Hate Mail & Goes Viral…Because He’s Taking CARE OF HIS KIDS!

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This story has appeared several times in my Facebook feed. Apparently Black fathers can't do anything right when it comes to their kids. I don't buy … [Read more...]

Married Couples Abuse Kids Too: Wife Tortures Teen Family Member Receives 31 Years in Prison

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I get a certain type of hot under the collar when I read about child abuse. Having been raised in foster care, I recall many nights of being woken … [Read more...]

Tamera Mowry Gets Called “White Man’s Whore.” Yes; That’s What’s Happening.

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Tamara Mowry got candid on Oprah about being called a  "white man's bed wench," and Tia is a "true black woman," because she married a black … [Read more...]

You Can’t Blame the Police and Racism for This…Video Showing “How to Raise a Thug 101″

B*tch A** Ni**a! B*tch A** Ni**a! B*tch

I have always, ALWAYS been for the kids, ya'll. And I just discovered a video of a child...A BABY IN DIAPERS being called a "bitch ass n*gga" by his … [Read more...]

Hard to Learn When You’re So Hard-Headed…Apparently Marissa Alexander Wants to Go Back to Jail.


I can not believe this. Marissa Alexander, the woman who fired a warning shot at her husband and received a 20-year prison sentence that was later … [Read more...]

“If Black Men See Us With White Men, It Will Scare Them Away!” O_o


I don't know how many ways it can be said that in this life you are free to choose and love whoever you wish. Or that spaces like this featuring women … [Read more...]

What the Cuss?! More Media-Driven Anti-Black Woman, Anti-Swirl Propaganda by Way of Arsenio Hall.

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A reader on our fan page brought this bit of bull-donkey to my attention and while I'm not surprised, I am sooo ticked off about the continued … [Read more...]

RANT: Want Us to Stop ‘Fat Shaming?’ Then STOP With the Skinny Shaming!!

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Reading the headlines (aka my Facebook timeline) and lo and behold, yet another woman is being 'skinny shamed' by the 'fat shaming' folks who are mad … [Read more...]