Confederates Vs. Patriots: Why I Think Our Founder Statues Should Stay.

Le (big old) sigh. I can’t believe I’ve been driven to write this, but I think it needs to be said. First, I’m all for the recent initiatives for the removal of Confederate generals on state and public property. But the suggestion by some black activists to remove statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are not only arrogant and ill-thought, they might even be dangerous. This is why the left keeps losing–they go too far.

Let’s face it. Countries evolve. No country on earth has escaped both benevolent and sociopathic leaders. There are no leaders anywhere who have not spilled blood. But perhaps from all those leaders, there were legacies of greatness that lead to the country’s longterm success, and thus allows for the people to commemorate such heroes. So they get statues, okay?

Confederate generals lead an army that sought to dismember the United States so they could continue a practice that brutalized and dehumanized millions. Confederates are losers. And if they’d won, black people like me could have still been in chains. And forget about the coming together of races for friendship, marriages and working relationships. The lack of progression into technology (e.g. the cotton gin) might have stalled the meteoric rise of the country to the superpower it became. Historians argue that the Civil War was both about the question of slavery and the economic and technological future of America.

What’s the point of having a statue of losers who sought to tear apart the very fabric the nation? Are there any statues of Saddam Hussien being erected since he was killed? Did Mussolini (aka El Dolce) get a school named after him? Does Pol Pot have a monument somewhere? Then why are we paying homage to leaders who lost and would have run our country into the ground? Losers, psychopaths, and traitors shouldn’t get statues.

To me, this is only common sense. But then the left takes it too far, and are suggesting that all statues of past leaders who were once slave owners come down. Let’s put this into historical context, shall we? Slavery was commonplace with wealthy landowners who needed to work people into the ground for free. Yes it was disgusting, and many wealthy men like Thomas Jefferson wanted slavery abolished even though he directly benefitted from it. Both Washington and Jefferson sexually exploited their slaves, and their progeny has proliferated (thus all the Washingtons and Jefferson last names black folks have). But both of these men, despite their flaws, worked incrementally to create a more perfect union. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, but he thought blacks were unequal to whites and frankly didn’t care for them very much. Should the Lincoln Memorial get a wrecking ball? Again…the men were not perfect, but the worked incrementally to achieve to a more perfect union. Confederate generals literally tried to do the opposite.

The demand by loud-mouthed television shit-starters to remove all our nation’s flawed men who moved us a little be closer to perfection is not only dangerous, but polarizing in a way that non-blacks who might agree with Confederate statues being removed into siding with the Alt Right, all because because black leftists just want to get rid of everything that tells the story of the United States in a way they don’t like. You alienate your allies because you push too far, and you’ll be left cleaning up a lot more than salty tears because you keep losing elections. You might be cleaning up blood in the streets.

STFU. All of you.

Be sensible, lefties. Taking down statues of Rebels who literally wanted to form a different country makes logical sense. Taking every statue down of the dead white men you don’t like will leave you with a very weak well to draw from.

Seriously. Pick which hills you’re willing to die on, the STFU about everything else. We don’t become perfect by re-litigating the economic decisions of dead men. Now it’s up to us to carry the torch and evolve to a more perfect state.

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Follow Christelyn on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And if you want to be a little more about this online dating thing, InterracialDatingCentral is the official dating site for this blog.