Young Ethnic Woman is Very Surpised

QOTW: I’m black, but now I have “white people problems”…

I’m black, but now I have “white people problems”… My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over 2 years. He (47) and I (44) are divorced. He … [Read more...]


What in De Cuss?! Orlando Bloom DIVORCES Wife for Phylicia’s Rashad’s Daughter?!!

What is the wholly hell do we have here??? You could have knocked me over with a feather with this: From October 25, 2013: We TOLD … [Read more...]


Do White Men Who Swirl Prefer Darker Skinned Naturalistas?

A little something me and my writing partner noticed while doing promotion for SWIRLING was that most (bordering on all) of the white guys we saw with … [Read more...]


The Best Dang-Darned, Most Comprehensive Guide to Going to School Online

This information comes courtesy of longtime BB&W member, Tammy Ghalden. Thanks Tammy, for sharing such valuable information with all of us. The … [Read more...]


Whatcha Got Growing?

The weather in Southern California is (slightly) cooling off and I've planted some cool-weather plants: mixed greens, green onions, carrots, kale, and … [Read more...]


New IR Movie Alert: “Belle,” A ‘Tragic Mulatto’ Story with a Happy Ending?

First, we had My Last Day Without You, now this... Summary: Belle is inspired by the true story of Dido Elizebeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), … [Read more...]


Photo of the Day: Me and Ben Carey, Lead Guitarist for Lifehouse!

As if I needed another reason to love my town, me and The Husbster go out on Saturday to a fledging restaurant and lo and behold we see Ben Carey, the … [Read more...]


59% Of Black Women Have Multiple Fathers. I’m One of Them, But…

  This little bit of go-kill-yourself news appeared on my Facebook feed this evening... Black Women: 59 Percent Have Multiple Babies’ … [Read more...]

hair 2013

The Proof is in the Before and After: Thickness in 2012, Thickness in 2013

Last week I did a post on what hair vitamins I take for length and thickness but failed to show a before/after photos. Here they are. The proof is in … [Read more...]

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Vintage BoHo, My New Love, Free People

I think I've found a style that I can wear well till I'm 80. I absolutely LOVE Free People, and I ADORE their sales. While I love the quality and … [Read more...]


Blogalicious 5 Gives Influencers of Color a Leg Up

Meet Stacey Ferguson, (aka Justice Fergie), the founder of Blogalicious, a boutique convention aimed at bringing a little color and flavor to the … [Read more...]

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The Secret to My Bodacious ‘Fro Is…

Well, it's probably a combination of things. I've been taking a slew of hair vitamins that actually work, but I've recently added another to the … [Read more...]

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Seven Days of Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness: Look Good (Almost) Naked

I wear this when I want just a hint of color and gloss. I picked it up when Sephora ran out of my all time favorite Urban Decay gloss, 'Midnight … [Read more...]