Back To School…Then and Now…


Do you remember when all you needed for school was a backpack, notebook, Number Two pencil and a ream of paper and you were all set for school? Gah, … [Read more...]

Oh. My. God. Study Shows Black Women More Likely to Get Bank Loans Because They are Viewed as “Industrious Single Moms.”

piggy bank woman

When I first saw the headline of this press release, I was pleased and sort of proud... "African American Women Have Good Odds of Getting a Loan. … [Read more...]

Best Response EVER to the “Marriage is Just a Piece of Paper” Comment…


  We've got the smartest commenters EVER. MixedUpinVegas gave the money response to a young lady said that "marriage was a piece of paper," on … [Read more...]

Welcome to the World, Everest Hobson! George Lucas and Mellody Hobson Have a Baby!!

Wow...who knew babies could come that quickly after nuptials...Mrs. Lucas showed no signs of a baby bump... That's because Mellody and George … [Read more...]

A Loving Father’s Advice for Black Women Seeking Good Man Across the Rainbeau

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Our Facebook fan page has been on FIRE lately, what with all the new "Happy Couple Photos" we're posting. We get a flood of notes every day, one of … [Read more...]

BB&W Exclusive: Garcelle Beauvais Talks New Book Series, Hollywood, and Black Women Swirling


I got a chance to have a chat with one of the most beautiful black actresses in Hollywood--Garcelle Beauvais. We got to talking about her new book to … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Archie and Valerie Have a Swirl Baby!


My how things have changed! If you would have told me I'd ever see this when Archie and the Pussycats were on the tube on Saturday morning's comic … [Read more...]

Our Sh*t Is Beginning to Stink: Bill O’Reilly Addresses Out-of-Wedlock Rate, Get Ready for More


The Black blogospere is up in arms again because someone outside of the "black collective" has the nerve to comment on our abysmal 80% out-of-wedlock … [Read more...]

Why Are We So Embarrassed to Admit We Use Vibrators? (NSFW)


So I'm at the BlogHer conference in Chicago, and lo and behold, I see a trade show booth from Trojan, the old reliable prophylactic, the stretchy … [Read more...]

Damned Fool: Reasons Women Run to Dangerous Men, Even Though They Know Better


A few months ago I tried to counsel a young woman in her mid-twenties who told me she wanted my help getting away from a man who is a textbook … [Read more...]

Could We Be So Lucky? Chris ‘the GF Beater’ Brown Set to Retire After His New Album Release

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 10.08.28 AM

This from the Huffington Post: Chris Brown took to Twitter on Tuesday to tell the world that he plans to quit music after the release of "X," his … [Read more...]