Beyond Black & White Continues to Reach Far and Wide…


I've got to tell you, I get so many wonderful letters from fans of the blog, and many of them are so poignant and inspiring. This is one of them, … [Read more...]

Wonderful! Interracial Couple Adopts Kids Across the Globe.


Meet Marilyn Harper, the mother of four children and the proof and personification that love truly has no color. Her and her husband have adopted a … [Read more...]

Video: Black Girl Gets the Princess Treatment, Marries Adorable Rainbeau in a Castle!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.52.04 AM

I just got an email from the bride in this video, and one look completely took my breath away. She was treated how I hope every black woman in the … [Read more...]

Hard to Learn When You’re So Hard-Headed…Apparently Marissa Alexander Wants to Go Back to Jail.


I can not believe this. Marissa Alexander, the woman who fired a warning shot at her husband and received a 20-year prison sentence that was later … [Read more...]

Janice Littlejohn, “Swirling” Co-Author, to Come to Dallas!!


Me and my gorgeous co-author, Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn Hey Dallas folks, come see the other half of "SWIRLING"!! Co-author of the popular … [Read more...]

QOTW: Worried White Guy Frets About Stares


Here's the question: "I saw your video on Interracial Relationships. As a white guy I always been attracted to black woman. My girlfriend it's the … [Read more...]

Atlanta Parking Attendent Writes ‘Jungle Fever’ on Interracial Couple’s Valet Ticket

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Fox News Atlanta reported today that an interracial couple, a black woman and a white man, encountered overt bigotry by a parking attendant who wrote … [Read more...]

I Don’t Hate Myself, I Just Hate Ratchetry.

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As you might imagine, I get a lot of people accusing me of hating myself because of the nature of my work. Somehow, telling black women they are … [Read more...]

It’s a New Year. Time for ‘Operation Get-Yo-Man’! Exclusive BB&W Offer

Couple hugging

New Year, New Relationship? Sign Up for and Matthew Hussey’s “Get The Guy” Program in Time to Help You Get the Date of Your … [Read more...]

While Gabrielle Union Cries in Her Soup, Eve Celebrates Her Engagement, But Will There Soon Be News of Random Babies?!


Well the internet has been abuzz on the announcement that on the heels of her engagement to Dwanye Wade, we learn that he spawned a child with some … [Read more...]