Me and Matthew Hussey, At it Again…

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More Black Women are Packing and From the Looks of It, For Good Reason: IR Couple Attacked By Wolf Pack

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If people think that just because it's 2012 interracial relationships are "no big deal," you'd better think again. This from the Daily Mail: A … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Snoopy for President


Forget Obama. Forget Romney. Let's hear it for Snoopy. He never talks, so he won't ever say the wrong thing. He's white. BUT..he has black … [Read more...]

Peanuts, PEANUTS? What The Hell, RNC?!


It was bound to happen at the Republican National Congress, wasn't it? Bigots and racists find a comfy, fluffy place to nest in the GOP, and while the … [Read more...]

Not Again?! Christmas Countdown Begins After Labor Day.


We're currently grooming our son, Zachary (lovingly called The Boy) to be a structural engineer. His obsession with building blocks and toys that … [Read more...]

Photo(s) of the Day/Night: Me and My Buddy Matthew Hussey, and a Deal for BB&W


Yes; Mr. Get-The-Guy Hussey is gorgeous. Take it in--I know many of you are panting right now. But along with those good looks, he has a brain in that … [Read more...]

Pop Thoughts This Labor Day Weekend.


At the beginning of August I went to the nail salon for a manicure and my technician, reaching for any scrap of small talk he could muster, asked me … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “My African Wife Is Mistreated By Black Americans. Why?”


Mrs. Karazin,   I recently found your site when I was looking for articles regarding interracial marriage and just general black/white information. … [Read more...]

Video: Skinfolk Ain’t Always Kinfolk–Culture Often Clash in “Swirling”

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A common misconception that I often hear from (mostly) black people is that somehow having the same skin color automatically means you will enjoy a … [Read more...]

Must See Video! Marriage, Sex, & Swirling: A New Yorker in the Midwest

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Check out my buddy, Veralyn Williams did on marriage and swirling in the Mid West... … [Read more...]

Dr. Boyce Watkins Thinks Welfare of Girlfriend-Beater is More Important Than the Victim

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I'm on Facebook, minding my own business, and came upon this little update, which, if I had sniffed it, would have smelled like a bull's fecal … [Read more...]