Maxi Me Turns 15 Today!


Let me first say that I adore ALL of my babies. But there's something about your first born... Fifteen years ago today the most exquisite … [Read more...]

400 Pound Woman Makes Easy Target for Rupert Murdoch


By now you might have heard that a 400-pound woman fell six feet through a New York City sidewalk while waiting for the bus. I heard about it on the … [Read more...]

Wanna Get Fit? Eat Like an African Woman.


That is, eat like an African woman 2.6 million years ago. Last year I committed to reduce my consumption of sugar and processed foods and had dramatic … [Read more...]

Praise the gods!! Word Has it Oxygen is Pulling the Plug on “All My Baby Mamas”


Whoever said armchair activism doesn't work? Turns out that all the complaining and petition signing has got the producers over at Oxygen scared … [Read more...]

Up for a BB&W Meet Up In New York City Today and Beyond?

night club

I got a note from NYC Girl this morning with an idea that I'm mad I hadn't thought of yet. "I think it may make sense to encourage some of the blog … [Read more...]

Day Two of the Curly Twist-Out


Yesterday I sported curly twists and was happy with Day One, but was concerned with how it would look after I'd slept in "the mushroom cloud" all … [Read more...]

Girl, 13, Plunges to Her Death While Begging Boy to Delete Sex Tape


This from the London Evening Standard: A sexually abused 13-year-old girl slipped to her death in a “ghastly accident” and did not intend to kill … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “Am I Damaged Goods Because I’m a Single Mother?”


This question really touched me... Hi Christelyn, I posted a little over a week ago that I had finally gotten your book in the mail. First I would … [Read more...]

Curly Twist-Out How-To


I'm feeling like the Queen of the Flip-Floppers lately when it comes to my hair. You might remember some time back that I said twist-outs weren't … [Read more...]

(Bonus) Friday Funny: Man Gets Formal Reprimand for Farting on the Job Rescinded


Imagine this on a Friday afternoon, with only a few hours before the weekend starts, sitting next to a rotund coworker who lets off stinky, sulfuric … [Read more...]