Question of the Week: “My African Wife Is Mistreated By Black Americans. Why?”


Mrs. Karazin,   I recently found your site when I was looking for articles regarding interracial marriage and just general black/white information. … [Read more...]

Video: Skinfolk Ain’t Always Kinfolk–Culture Often Clash in “Swirling”

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A common misconception that I often hear from (mostly) black people is that somehow having the same skin color automatically means you will enjoy a … [Read more...]

Must See Video! Marriage, Sex, & Swirling: A New Yorker in the Midwest

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Check out my buddy, Veralyn Williams did on marriage and swirling in the Mid West... … [Read more...]

Dr. Boyce Watkins Thinks Welfare of Girlfriend-Beater is More Important Than the Victim

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I'm on Facebook, minding my own business, and came upon this little update, which, if I had sniffed it, would have smelled like a bull's fecal … [Read more...]

Ever Heard, “You Should Write a Book?” My Agent Will Show You How.

You should really write a book final

You've always wanted to. Your friends and family have nudged you, but you didn't know where to start. Now my super-awesome agent, Regina Brooks, … [Read more...]

Morning Coffee Read: SMUT in the A.M.!

black coffee

Okay ladies and gents, this is some juicy stuff from my Facebook friend, author, Tiana Laveen. Her erotica book, “When Saint Goes Marching In,” should … [Read more...]

BB&W Friday Funny Rewind!

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For all of you newbies... Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Product Pick: Ever Heard of Sea Buckthorn Oil?


It's good for your skin, girly parts, heart, liver, guts and immunity. It was recently blessed by the great Dr. Oz as a fat-fighting supplement. It's … [Read more...]

The Housing Market is Rebounding. So What’s That Mean for You?


It appears that we may be coming out of the years-long purgatory of the Great Housing Crash Cluster-Cuss of 2007. According to the Associated … [Read more...]

GASP!! Paul Ryan Dated a Black Girl…What Does That MEAN?!

paul ryan

I've been hit up several times to read the tea leaves regarding news of Paul Ryan's black ex-girlfriend and black sister-in-law, and what that might … [Read more...]

Natural Hair and Stretching…To Do it, Or Not?


Sorry to bring the stretching versus no stretching debate from the hair boards here, but I'm curious to know what you ladies think. Yesterday I … [Read more...]