What the Cuss?

When a Parent’s Bigotry Almost Ruins His Daughter’s Life

Got this on a video on my You Tube channel. I have to tell you, it made me angry. Take a read:

[name withheld] 1 hour ago

My son came home one day and said he wanted to tell me something exciting….. Yay!!! The girl he really really liked finally said yes. They were going out on a date. They talked everyday at work. They giggled and laughed all the time. Now he felt close to maybe making her his girl. The first few dates were great. He was walking on air! He was happy and he respected this girl. Bought her flowers and even candy. When it came time to meet her family. They chewed my poor son up and spit him out. He isn’t what one would call a tough guy. He was a good guy. She was this beautiful black girl. I loved her, she was sweet and charming and very smart. Going to USF while working at Bush Gardens for spending money. (My son was also going to USF at the time) Her fathers spoke to my son and told him he didn’t except the little arrangement. Matt was upset but said he would speak with her. She after a few weeks of arguing with her dad finally broke up with my son. We can’t blame her for honoring her father. Matt was upset but said he understood her loyalty to her parents. that was five years ago. I saw her about a year ago. She had to drop out of college because she got pregnant by some asshole that used her and left her hanging. She told me her dad said he regretted getting between her and a real nice honorable guy. My son is talking to her again and I encourage it. I told him if it works this time. To help her go back to school and stand by her while she gets her life back on track. I am praying for them to work. I know my son would cherish this girl. I raised him to honor women…. So lets hope it all works out. By the way she has the sweetest baby girl. My son told her he will be the man the other guy failed to be. And her dad likes him now too….

This is an example of a parent (particularly a black father) who has his ego so tied up in who his daughter dates that he’s willing to see her life diminished and expecting and getting less just to “keep it black.”

It looks like the dad is coming around, but only now after his daughters “stock” has been lowered in the dating and marriage market. I find him disgusting. I’m not sure this guy is doing the right thing by reconnecting and picking up the pieces of a mess not his own making, though. We’re so hard around these parts when we discuss weenie men who won’t stand up to their parents, but what of the black women who do the same? I’m not sure they should be getting any passes.

God bless Matt’s mom, who just wants her son to be loved and happy with a nice girl. That’s what a real parent does.

dad sad

As a parent, I can not fathom this. I would never EVER discourage any of my children from dating someone because of the color of their skin. I don’t care what color they are–just treat my kids right, love and respect them and I’m your cheerleader. Hurt them and THEN we’ll have a problem.


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