Gender Conflict

Are Today’s Men Being Purposely “Feminized?” Maybe.

As America inexplicably careens toward gender neutrality (like…why??!) because of certain “interests,” you almost have to laugh at the absurdity of some of the more obvious moves toward feminizing men.

Portrait of a man with half face makeup as a woman and isolated on black background.

Before I get to the examples, I’ve got to ask a question–what the hell is wrong with men being men? What’s wrong with men being strong, capable and protective? What’s wrong with them growing hair, hunting, and having guy dates? Machismo can be sexy, when used correctly. Those who seem to be determined to feminize men will do so at society’s peril, because the masculine is the balance for the feminine, and both have their place, and both have their value. One is not more important than the other, and both are essential. It is the yin/yang of humanity. I wish all these social scientists who want to use us as guinea pigs would all just jump off a cliff.

So let’s get to the hard selling of male feminization. Enter Gillette and their “manscaping” campaign:

You might be saying, “Hey! I’m so not going to fight against a guy who wants to shave his back hair and trim his ear and nose hair. And…I’m not exactly opposed, because nose and ear hair is kinda….distracting.

But what about bracelets for men?



Oh. And Did I mention there’s such a thing as “man-scara?”




And “Guy Liner??”


The elimination of masculinity will lead to the elimination of femininity. You can not have one without the other. Women feel feminine because they feel safe around masculine men who protect them. Men feel masculine because they are compelled by feminine energy.


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