Is a Dating Site Exclusively for White People Really Necessary?

Used car salesman, Sam Russell had a dream.

A dream that one day, white men and white women could get together and date each other without the distraction of minorities. Never mind that white people are the majority in this country, and most populated on already existing sites. I guess Russell just doesn’t want to be bothered with seeing brown, yellow or black people when he scrolls for the women he really wants. So that’s why he created


Russell says the site, which is inherently racially segregated, is not racially motivated. Let’s all try to figure that one out. Oh; and he’s not racist. He dated a black girl once. (My eyeballs just rolled into the corner of the room from side eyeing this so hard).

In any case, Russell has every right to host a platform for white people to meet. Cuz…there’s just not enough white people in his home state of Utah…I guess.

Here’s more on what I think:

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