“Im a Negro Bed Wench,” and Other Things I Learned Since Marrying My Husband


Written by The Peacock Bride I'm a sell out. I'm a Negro Bed Wench. I'm an Uncle Tom. Yup...How did I find this out? Like most things, I've found out … [Read more...]

New Interracial Relationship Fiction: “The Wrong Man”


Review of The Wrong Man by Karla Fears   What is a woman to do when temperatures soar into the triple digits? The best solution is to … [Read more...]

That Awkward Moment When Numbskulls Assume Your Biracial Baby Isn’t Yours…

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Last night, my husband Sean was holding our 16-month-old daughter Maya as we were boarding a flight from BWI to MCO. As we stepped onto the plane, one … [Read more...]

Sirloins’BB&W Babe Wednesday!!


Since Man Candy Monday was such a big hit we have decided to give our readers of the masculine persuasion equal time with a little something to … [Read more...]

The Evolution of a Swirler: One Guy Tells His Story


We often ponder over the idea of preference, but it's rare that we get a personal story from a man's perspective. What is more interesting is that … [Read more...]

New BB&W Writer Talks College Dating and Kissing Frogs


By fellow BB&W poster, "SomethingDifferent22" When I was a child I used to listen to stories of princess with some chagrin. Even as a child I … [Read more...]

So Bueno: The Caribbean Coast of Mexico

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If you’re looking for Mexico holidays then you should definitely consider heading for the coast of the Caribbean. The area is a paradise stretch of … [Read more...]

Are You Vulnerable to Job Discrimination?

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By Tammy Ghalden From all of the research I have read, my answer to the above question would be “yes.” However, there might be some explanations I … [Read more...]

Shore to shore: is dating for Black women across the Atlantic really that different? (Find Out From Someone Living There)

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By:  Carla Ford Have you ever considered if you lived in the UK, would men of others races be more openly receptive in showing their attraction … [Read more...]

Hear it from a Man’s Perspective When He’s the Recipient of “Something New” for You

Interracial Couple

By "Zac Onbothsides" There we were, wow, she was stunning.  The conversation was easy, we were laughing.  We talked about our families and … [Read more...]