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Counterpoint to “White Privilege, My Family” by a Married Black Woman Expat

The following is a private comment left at Eubie Drew‘s Facebook page in response to White Privilege, My Family and the Criminal Justice System, by a long time Black woman reader living in Europe who would prefer to remain anonymous. Opinions expressed here are hers and not necessarily those of Eubie or BB&W.

~ by Married Black Expat ~

I appreciate these examples of White privilege. But unfortunately many crimes committed in the Black community do not result in jail time. There are many unsolved murders, break ins, armed robberies, and rapes. Arguably more so, because criminal Black lives are valued more than the innocent Black people they kill or hurt. Resources are often devoted to solving crimes in suburban communities. For every Black male who got the book thrown at him and faced longer prison sentences, there are many who committed more crimes that they didn’t even get charged for.

The White community or White folks have a hierarchy where the man who brings home the most bacon is rewarded, given a pass, uplifted or allowed to get away with more. While this is not fair to the men beneath them, it gives White men something to aspire for and it subconsciously pushes most White men to advance. It is one reason why western civilization is as successful as it is.

The Black community rewards and allows the demand of criminals to get many benefits that White men do not receive. Somewhere there are White men who live in their mothers basements who are virgins but Black men in this same situation can have hundreds of partners and be coddled and excused. Even the White criminals are cast away in White society for far less, without any second chances while Black criminals feel that they can demand to be taken care of or supported from cradle to grave and get indefinite chances (as George Floyd showed). Everything is twisted to support the Black male criminal or under-performing male. It has gotten so bad that we have people complaining and tearing down statutes because Black men who committed crimes are actually being arrested.

No one ever talks about how the hood is fun. P*ssy everywhere you turn, laughing at other people who have to punch a clock, all your friends or “boys” are free to hang around during the day, it is a life of leisure that causes problems in the long run. But people do not refuse to escape it for lack of opportunity, but lack of discipline.

I would say those are all pretty big forms of Black privilege. A White man who busts his ass from 18 on to get into good schools, to marry a wife, have his salary drop tremendously by taking care of kids and who works even when tired and sick is not necessarily more privileged than a young Black man who gets to chase tail all day and sleep till noon. I do not believe in White privilege as this over-sweeping phenomenon. I am statistically more privileged having had a dad than a White woman who didn’t.


This is the article that is being responded to.

White Privilege, My Family and the Criminal Justice System

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