Niala: Dress Smart Like a London Lass


Walking the streets of London is equivalent to walking down a haute couture runway. When I leave my flat, I have to keep up with the well-dressed … [Read more...]

Are the Brits Down with the Swirl? YES.


Turning heads, coy smiles, and sudden attempts at conversation: things I experience everyday down in London. I’m going to answer the question I’m sure … [Read more...]

Even from London, BB&W Intern Niala Nags Us Like Aunt Ethel to Get Out and Vote Today.


I walked into a local London thrift store, and saw Obama’s Audacity of Hope laying in a shelf. I jokingly said, “I should probably read this being … [Read more...]

Amongst Greece’s Economic Woes, BB&W Intern, Niala, Finds Beauty in the Ancient Land


Before I went to Greece, I pictured it looking like the movie Mamma Mia or the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I expected to be surrounded by blue … [Read more...]

Niala’s 19th Birthday Bash in London!!


My mom always told me as you get older you get less excited for your birthday. As a kid I never believed her. I was always excited for the next … [Read more...]

BB&W Intern, Niala Charles Lands in London!

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I just finished up my first week in London, and all I can say is this: I WAS MEANT TO BE HERE. But I must admit,  the week leading up to my trip, I … [Read more...]

Reality Show Fatigue: What Ever Happened to the Cosby’s?


As a kid I remember always running to the T.V. at 8:00 to watch the Cosby show on Nick at Nite, even though I was barely Rudy’s age. By the time I had … [Read more...]

Joe Biden’s “Unchain” Statement: Harmless Metaphor or Appeal to Racial Sentiment?

Republicans are saying Biden is appealing to racial sentiment. But have they?

On August 14th, Joe Biden stated at a campaign event  in Danville, Virginia that "(Romney) is going to let the big banks once again write their own … [Read more...]

Oprah’s Interview With Rihanna: The Negative Impact of a Dysfunctional Father


Sunday night when I turned on the television to watch Oprah’s interview with Rihanna, one thing was clear. A weight had been lifted off Rihanna’s … [Read more...]