Joe Biden’s “Unchain” Statement: Harmless Metaphor or Appeal to Racial Sentiment?

On August 14th, Joe Biden stated at a campaign event  in Danville, Virginia that “(Romney) is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, and unchain Wall Street. He is going to put y’all back in chains.”

Biden made this comment to a mixed racial demographic that cheered him on as he spoke.

Why? Because according to Biden, this was in response to Republicans repeatedly saying that Obama had shackled the private sector by preventing its growth.

And of course in good ole’ politics fashion, Romney had to have a rebuttal: “Take your campaign of anger and hate BACK to Chicago.”

If you ask me, unshackled and unchained have the same visual connotations of suffering and containment.  In fact, “chained” is even listed as a synonym for shackled in the dictionary.

So why the media frenzy and the Republican Party’s shock at Biden’s metaphor?

Hypocrisy. In the words of Giuliani, the Republicans believe this was “A blatant appeal to racism, and an absolutely disgusting appeal to racial sentiment.”

Hmmmm…. If Romney is offended for being compared to a slave master, should we be offended by his “go back to Chicago” statement that is blatantly similar to the “go back to Africa” phrase that racists love to use?

Well, it is no secret that 96% of blacks voted for Obama in 2010. So what are Republicans trying to do? Ensure that America sees how democrats choose to appeal to the black vote with disgusting appeals to racial sentiment.

And I’m sorry, but this is just not the case. When African-Americans voted for Obama just like when they chose to be democrat (93% of them are) they did not just see color, or an attack against the white establishment. What they saw were policies in favor of helping them achieve the American dream. Before they were Obama supporters they were Democrats. And there’s a reason why: they supported policies that promoted educational funding and a safety net when things weren’t going their way.

As do many politicians these days, the Romney campaign needs to take a step back and look into the mirror. They need to focus their time on combating the anger and hate that comes from their own party. When right-wing conservatives post signs attaching the president’s face to a banana eating monkey, or Tarzan swinging from a tree, this needs to be addressed.

All politicians should be held accountable for what they say, and just because someone is a democrat doesn’t mean they should be looked over. But before Republicans start critiquing the democrats, they need to try to get rid of the disgusting racial appeals that happen within their own party. After all, there’s a reason why democrats have 93 percent of the vote. And it’s because of their actions.

—- What do you guys think: Was Biden’s comment uncalled for? Are the Republican’s reaction to his statement deserved and/or hypocritical?

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