Don’t Be Duped By Damaged Males: Not All Men Are Scumbags!

Sad naked girl

It's been a few days since I came across the rather startling comments section of a CNN article on street and sexual harassment of women.  I observed … [Read more...]

“Authentic Blackness” and More GAT-DL Co-opting….

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints

Even though I don't frequent too many sports blogs or watch a lot of sports talk shows (I'm about the sports and discussion with fellow fans; I don't … [Read more...]

Jamila: “Why I *heart* Sallie Krawcheck and Marissa Mayer”


I *heart* powerful, accomplished women--women like Marissa Mayer, the 4-month old CEO of tech company Yahoo!, who was hired for her latest position … [Read more...]

Beauty and Infidelity: How Do Looks Matter or Do They?

Red Heart Drawn in Lipstick

During a recent apocalyptic wig-snatching fest, it was reiterated over and over that people are unfaithful for reasons having nothing to do with … [Read more...]

While Promoting ‘Flight,’ the REAL Reason Denzel Washington Avoided On-Screen Romances With White Women Is Revealed


Black women who just love themselves some Denzel Washington are going to be upset over this one. If you thought the reason Denzel Washington never … [Read more...]

President Obama just made it easier for you to earn an advanced degree (including an MBA!)

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The changes initiated by the Obama administration to the federal government's Income-Based Repayment (IBR) program for federal student loans have … [Read more...]

Black Women and White Men: Of Alliances and Foot-shooting…..


I was puzzled by an out-of-left field series of attacks on a recent post, none of which, I felt, addressed completely the situation black women today … [Read more...]

Jamila: “He said I was too broke to be in a relationship.”

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Everyone single person hates this question, but we've all probably been asked it at one time or another: So, why are you single? I like to respond … [Read more...]

You Mean They Have a Name for That?! A Scientific Look at Why Blackistan Exists


We've been talking quite a bit about teams--how they form, what makes them effective, etc.--and group dynamics in my management class. In my textbook, … [Read more...]

Why Do We Always Have to Be Reminded that “White People Do It, Too!”


Something to scratch your head about during Domestic Violence Awareness Month... Whether it's sexually assaulting children or the … [Read more...]