Watch this Short, Award-Winning Film on Interracial Relationships in Germany: Schwarz Weiss Deutsch

Happy Couple

Schwarz Weiss Deutsch (English title: Germany in Black and White) stars a couple, played by Fabian Püschel and Eve Wangui,who discuss their … [Read more...]

Jamila: “My Roommate and My (Non-Existent) Boyfriend are Driving Me Crazy!”

African  woman

I'm in therapy. Sort-of. I was having trouble sleeping and concentrating, and having phantom pain (or, at least I hope it's just phantom) in my … [Read more...]

Tom Stemberg, Staples Inc., And Why Marriage Does NOT A Quality Man Make….


Staples Inc., founder Tom Stemberg has come into the spotlight very recently thanks to buddy Mitt Romney's possible perjury on his behalf during his … [Read more...]

Ever Wonder Who “Uncle Tom” Really Was?

This photo of what was thought to be the 'Josiah Henson / Uncle Tom's Cabin.  It is located at 11420 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD.

Laurie Woodall, a dear family friend of my husband's family and now mine, spent some time in northern Virginia. While visiting her childhood home, she … [Read more...]

Have the Publicists for the Recent Slavery-themed Films Begun To Respond to the Complaints?


If you speak loud enough people are sure to hear you, even if they don't respond. Or, instead of one person speaking loudly to voice a complaint, you … [Read more...]

Younger, Less-Educated, People of Color Are The Most Likely to Identify as LGBT


The Gallup Organization and the Williams Institute at the law school of the University of California, Los Angeles, published the results of the … [Read more...]

Black Femininity: Who Decides What?


I am glad this came up in the post from the other day, because it's definitely something that needs to be discussed at length. I didn't want to do it … [Read more...]

A Black Conservative Woman’s Take on Mitt Romney and Black Mormons


I am a proud conservative republican and Mitt Romney supporter.  With the level of vitriol hurled at black conservatives, I was not going to chime in … [Read more...]

All The Black People Who Got Hired In September Were Women


Everyone was so excited--or distraught, you be the judge--over the national unemployment rate dipping to 7.8 percent in September that the other big … [Read more...]

Notes About the Bus Driver with the Killer Uppercut: “Men Are People Too”


When it was reported that a 25-year old Cleveland woman riding an RTA bus was uppercut and violently thrown off said bus by the 59-year old bus driver … [Read more...]

“Macho” Little Black Girls: The Anti-Femininity War on Black Women

African American Girl Lean On Brick Wall

Note: For the purpose of this article, I'm dealing with a specifically observed issue that has nothing to do with "butch" lesbianism in black women or … [Read more...]