Michael Fassbender and Alfre Woodard Tied to Steve McQueen’s Adaption of ’12 Years a Slave’

Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen make quite the couple. Fassbender, the German-Irish actor last teamed up with McQueen, the British director when … [Read more...]

“Strong Women Are Attractive,” Says Michael Fassbender

It's easy to get on a roll and then find that you have gone too far in the wrong direction. It's even possible to go too far in the right direction. … [Read more...]

Ann Coulter: White Men Who Date Black Women Are “Freedom Riders”


Frequent Fox News contributor and far right political pundit Ann Coulter is promoting a new book, thus we can all expect to get served double doses of … [Read more...]

Attention: I Am Not A Slave And Neither Are You….

Authentic ancient prisoner ball and chain

First and foremost, please spare me the conspiracy theories, the abstract philosophies, or anything that tries to put shackles around my arms and legs … [Read more...]

Will You Be in New York to See the Work of Njideka Akunyili?


Behold, the artwork of Njideka Akunyili: The Rest of Her Remains (2010) Re-branding My Love (2011) Her Widening Gyre (2011) Njideka … [Read more...]

Naomie Harris KILLS It in New ‘Skyfall’ Movie Trailer


Your appetite for the next James Bond film was probably whet when Daniel Craig, as Bond, escorted the Queen of England to the 2012 Olympic Opening … [Read more...]

“Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty,” a Book Review


America is getting bigger. While population is growing so is the average size of the waistbands on Americans' jeans. The expansion in the number of … [Read more...]

A Short Talk About the “Black” Experience (Hint: There Isn’t Just One)


Here at Beyond Black and White we (meaning, pretty much everyone who comments here) agrees with the general statement that "black women should look … [Read more...]

Blue Cheese, Hazelnuts and Honey Polenta–Recipe


Hellooooo BB&W!! I know its been a minute since I last wrote but in my defense I have been working ten hour days, building my own empire on a … [Read more...]

Black Women, White Women, and Intersectionality: Part One of A Response Post


This is more or less a response post to the article about the complex relationships between white women and black women. I saw that a lot of people … [Read more...]

So Much for Multiculturalism, Canadians Say ‘No’ to An “Asian-looking” Woman Appearing On Their Currency


After consulting with focus groups, The Bank of Canada removed the image of a woman who was deemed to be too "Asian-looking" from the back of its new … [Read more...]