Notes About the Bus Driver with the Killer Uppercut: “Men Are People Too”


When it was reported that a 25-year old Cleveland woman riding an RTA bus was uppercut and violently thrown off said bus by the 59-year old bus driver … [Read more...]

“Macho” Little Black Girls: The Anti-Femininity War on Black Women

African American Girl Lean On Brick Wall

Note: For the purpose of this article, I'm dealing with a specifically observed issue that has nothing to do with "butch" lesbianism in black women or … [Read more...]

Hold Everything: They’re Bringing Back Kenya Dolls!


That's right! For those of you who remember, there was a time in the 1990s when there was series of dolls in different skin shades marketed to … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: YouTube Video “Capuchin Monkeys Reject Unequal Pay”


While having a discussion in one my MBA classes, the Professor showed the following video as an example of how everyone--and yes, "everyone" even … [Read more...]

Brenda’s Rebuttal to Bloggers Who Take Jabs at Black Women Who Prefer Interracial Dating


Brenda wanted to comment on this post, but decided she had a lot to say. --CK Lets face it.  Most of the women writing ridiculous articles like the … [Read more...]

Bloggers Continue to Take Jabs at Black Women Who Prefer Interracial Dating


K.Michelle, singer and a reality TV star on the VH1 show 'Love and HipHop,' has done an interview in which she said, among other things, that she … [Read more...]

Meet the First Lady of Justice: Fatou Bensouda

Ms. Fatou B. Bensouda, from the Republic of The Gambia, assumed the position of Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in June 2012. … [Read more...]

“It’s Cool If You Date White Men, But….”: Why is the GAT-DL Trying to Regulate Black Woman Who Date Interracially?

black woman pointing finger

This is a bit different from my other response posts in that I'm not so much responding to an article as I am a sentiment: The idea that a black woman … [Read more...]

When Racial Unity Becomes Dangerous: Pillars of Salt Extreme Edition

Pilars of Salt Extreme Edition

As discussed in the previous blog post, Pillars of Salt – What a Waste of Time!  We saw the example of Lot’s wife in the Bible.  Turning to look back, … [Read more...]

Why Can’t Some Black Women Put Their Interests Above Black Men?


I was inspired to write this post by the event that occurred during one of Christelyn's signings: After the discussion, one of the black girls felt … [Read more...]