The Breast Cancer Diagnosis of a Loved One

Naked ethnic black woman covering her breast

My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We’ve subsequently learned that her type of cancer is “triple negative,” which can be aggressive … [Read more...]

More Research Proves Benefits of Yoga

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A new study published in the April 2014 issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine show that yoga can help with lowing blood … [Read more...]

Health: Bad News for Diet Soda Drinkers–Study Says They Make You Fatter.


You think you're doing something better for yourself when you skip all the sugary stuff at the fountain drink station for a seemingly-better choice of … [Read more...]

National Black HIV Awareness Day: Have You Been Tested?

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February 7th is National HIV Awareness Day. HIV/AIDS has claimed approximately 250,745 lives over the last five years. Though much less than the 80's … [Read more...]

Crazy Diets: Two Hot Twin Doctors Put the “Low Fat” and “Heavy Protein” Diets to the Test. Guess Which Came Up on Top?

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Chris and Alexander "Xand" van Tulleken, twins who also happen to be doctors, recently embarked on an experiment to see which diets were worse--the … [Read more...]

Nuts! Paleo Diet Ranks Last With Diet Experts.

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A recent roundup by U.S. News & World Report asked experts to rank diets and paleo--a lifestyle and diet I use and endorse--last. From … [Read more...]

LMAO, I’m All For Cutting Out the Sugar “Butt”…


This came up on my Facebook timeline and I laughed so hard I tooted. Apparently there was a lot of this happening by reviews of Sugar-Free Haribo … [Read more...]

Black Feminist have Bey’s back but do they have yours?

beyonce legs

Nero fiddles while Rome burns. In their their ongoing battle with White Feminist for recognition and influence Black Feminist have Bey's back but … [Read more...]

New Study Suggests Black Women Have a Harder Road to Weight Loss Than White Women

big belly

A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, published in the International Journal of Obesity, might show proof that black … [Read more...]

New Study Says We Might Look Younger on the Outside, But We’re Aging More On the Inside.

Beautiful, Happy African Woman

I'm sure you've heard that black women are resilient and self-confident women that can hold it down even in the worst of circumstances. You've read … [Read more...]