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No More Excuses! Last Day to Get 40% Yoga Download!

Young woman practicing yoga in nature.

Yoga can literally change your life. It can lower your blood pressure and your body weight…the world’s most perfect exercise. I’ve sworn by it for nearly a decade.

Sometimes taking a class at a gym or studio can be intimidating, and You Tube videos and DVD’s only limit you to the whims of the creators, not leaving you with much choice on the type of yoga, duration, and skill level.

Yoga Download takes care of that. A monthly subscription gets you access to thousands of yoga, pilates and barre method sessions. You decide on what you want to focus on–calorie torching, stretching and relaxing, or muscle building. You can even personalize your account by saving videos to your “favorites” or download them directly to your computer for you to keep forever.

From now until midnight, August 18, you can get 40% off a one year membership, bringing it down to just $60. Compared to the alternatives–overweight, higher incidents of ailments and unhealthy outlets for stress–it’s a steal.

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You only have one life and one body. Cherish and nurture it, and it will be good to you.

Yoga Download Summer Sale


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