Swirling In History – Colonial, Antebellum, Reconstruction and Beyond

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It is no secret that black women have been marrying interracially for centuries although some folks may want us to think otherwise.  It is simple … [Read more...]

Be Inspired: Gabrielle Turnquest Passes Bar At 17 And Breaks 600 Year Old Record in the U.K.

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I just got wind of this news coming from across the pond, and it is the perfect example of what young Black women can achieve when given the … [Read more...]

In Search Of My Past…Following the Ancestry Trail.


Growing up, I was always intrigued when my nonblack friends spoke of their ethnic roots. Some were Irish, others were German, Chinese, East Indian, … [Read more...]

Rapper Juicy J Awards 50K Twerking Scholarship: Proves a Point About the Hypocrisy of Urban Entertainers

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You've probably never heard of the rapper Juicy J, and for that you should be grateful, because his music is by far some of the most nonsensical and … [Read more...]

Iconic Tuesday: May I Interest You In This Awesome Pinterest?

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Oh, Kittens! I've been a bad, bad, girl. I stumbled across this AMAZING Pinterest board days ago and have been been agonizing over whether or not I … [Read more...]

Would President Kennedy Have Approved of Interracial Relationships?


Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy. He fought hard for African Americans to have basic civil rights, and I … [Read more...]

Jackie Ormes: First African-American Woman Cartoonist

Jackie Ormes

  The home of all things random, I recently came across this blurb on tumblr regarding Jackie Ormes, the first African-American woman … [Read more...]

#Throwback Thursday: The First Interracial Kiss On TV

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Before Captain Kirk of the star ship Enterprise kissed his communications officer, Lieutenant Uhura, there was another interracial kiss shown on … [Read more...]

Studies (and experience) Show Black Men Benefit and Lose by Conforming to Stereotypes while Black Women Always Lose


In two separate studies, Megan Holland and  Simone Ipsa-Landa examined the experiences of Black boys and girls who participated in diversity programs … [Read more...]

The Best Dang-Darned, Most Comprehensive Guide to Going to School Online


This information comes courtesy of longtime BB&W member, Tammy Ghalden. Thanks Tammy, for sharing such valuable information with all of us. The … [Read more...]