We Rock! Check Out These Black Women You Should Know

Black girls rock! Read on for stories of black women doing amazing things in industries like tech, fashion and entertainment.

Mickey Guyton is a country singer with a current Top 40 hit, ‘Better Than You Left Me.’ Her debut album drops this month. While I don’t listen to country very often, I really enjoyed this song. Overcoming a bad relationship is a subject that’s been beat to death in R&B but the country vibe made it feel fresh. I also like the video. In doing research on Mickey for this piece, I came across this article chronicling the history of black women in country music.

The Urban Bush Babes, aka twins Takenya and Cipriana Quann, have stormed into the fashion world while fabulously rocking their natural hair. Living in New York, they’ve rocked spreads in Vogue and W Magazine, been captured in the New York Times Style section and have done campaigns for major retailers like the Gap. These women are trendsetters and know exactly how to capitalize on the unique beauty of Black women. They are #winning.

Have you heard of the Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons? Or Sistas in Zion? Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes were raised Mormon and have LOTS of observations about faith, black church traditions and the challenges of a faith which banned Black priests until 1978. If you enjoy hearing of the experiences of Black women who live nontraditional lives, check them out!

| Courtesy Mama Rine Clark Tamu Smith (left) and Zandra Vranes (right) are

| Courtesy Mama Rine Clark
Tamu Smith (left) and Zandra Vranes (right) are “Sistas in Zion” and have written a new book, Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons

Angela Benton is the Founder & CEO of NewME Accelerator, a business that “helps out of the box entrepreneurs transform cool ideas into great businesses.” Particularly, women and minorities who may not come from Ivy League backgrounds or have tech experience and therefore don’t fit the mold of a typical Silicon Valley entrepreneur whom venture capitalists often salivate over.  Angela has a long, storied career in tech and has lots of thoughts on being a person of color in the industry, as well as a single mom.


And last but definitely not least, let’s honor Olivia Hooker, the first Black woman to join the U.S. Coast Guard. As a child, she survived the burning of “Black Wall Street,” also known as the Tulsa race riots. Racism didn’t deter her pursuit of higher education nor service to her country and in 1945 she joined the U.S. Coast Guard. She turned 100 years old earlier this year.

olivia hooker


What stories do you know of amazing black women?

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