Marry Down Costs Educated Women $25K a Year. But Every Day, BW are Told to ‘Grade on a Scale.’

Black Enterprise recently reported on a study that suggested that black women who marry down–unequally educationally and financially–are out of the pocket to the tune of $25,000 a year.

In a recent Pew Study, the results highlighted the following:

According to the study, Asian women were most likely to marry outside their own race, followed by Asian men. And an Asian man who married a White woman held the highest median income ($71,800). Black women, however, were among the least likely to marry outside their own race. That wouldn’t mean much, except when we consider that Black men have one of the lowest educational attainment rates according to National Journal.

“There’s almost a triple dimension of issues [Black women] have to deal with,” said Kris Marsh, an associate professor of sociology and demography at the University of Maryland. “One, they have a low, and I quote this, ‘out-marriage’ rate. And two, if they do marry a Black man, they’re more likely to marry someone less educated than themselves. And the other thing that’s interesting is that [Black women] … are much more likely to not marry at all.”

But you mammies for black nationalists keep gunning for Beyond Black & White on the behest of race hustlers who only use you for gambits fight on, okay?

masked piggy bank

Black women have to start thinking strategically about romance in the same way they do for education and finance. I’m convinced that the main reason black women are outperforming black men in the workplace is not because we are smarter or harder working. It’s because we are scared. Yes. Black women work hard to achieve academically because they know there will be no husband who works on Wall Street while she takes her toddlers to “Mommy and Me” classes. There will be no estate to inherit upon her parents demise. She does what she does, mostly out of fear, and knowledge that there is absolutely no safety net for her. Now that’s not to say that black women are just going to school for that reason, but the unspoken statement is, “Girl, get your education because nobody is going to be here for you.”

Another unintended consequence of black women earning more and black men earning less is the upset of traditional gender roles. The black community celebrates and reinforces male dominance, but it gets a little sketchy when the woman who is supposed to be “submissive” earns $100,000 and her husband, who because of right of his phallus, gets to call the shots, earns $0-$$30,000. Are black women now supposed to work to support undereducated and underemployed men for the sake of racial solidarity? Every Tyler Perry movie says so. All the propaganda reinforces it. All this nonsense is promoted, except for the obvious: interracial dating, and matching based on shared intelligence, academic achievement, values and career and family goals. In our crazy, upside down world, Beyond Black & White is demonized, and pie-in-the-sky articles about finding black men in strip clubs are celebrated.

Yet, some of our biggest critics and saboteurs are black women desperate for crumbs from men who leave them behind, and date and marry interracially twice as much as we do. The focus for hateful black nationalists is to bully us, rather than focus on who really is “diluting the race.” The handmaidens of black female oppressors should have a special circle of hell to congregate from.


(And for you 5 black women who will come to this post and say you married a black man who works on Wall Street, or is a partner at a doctor’s office or law firm or something, save it. You know how rare you are.)

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