“Legion of Doom Mothers,” Lead Their Children Like Lambs to Slaughter.

Last week, a power outage in our area left us with no cable television.  It was a little early for my children's bedtime so I popped in a DVD --  … [Read more...]

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OOW Children Are No Mistake, But Stop Projecting Your Ego Onto Your Child.

One of the most difficult discussions when it comes to the OOW rate among black women is acknowledging that it is a problem. Mainly because black … [Read more...]

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Meet the Lewis’, Rumored Cast for Much-Anticipated Swirl Reality Series

Feast your eyes upon Brian and Tara Lewis, soon-to-be the stars of an upcoming reality series featuring interracial families. How long have we prayed … [Read more...]

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Gratuitous Photo of the Day

I'm finally getting serious about my photography and am entering into the wily world of Photoshop and this is the first thing I've done I'm happy with … [Read more...]


Back To School…Then and Now…

Do you remember when all you needed for school was a backpack, notebook, Number Two pencil and a ream of paper and you were all set for school? Gah, … [Read more...]


Getting Familiar with His Familia: Meeting His Family For the First Time

The word family can either cause the average person to break out in a huge smile while feeling those warm and tingly reminders of all things safe and … [Read more...]

Why Do Some Black Women Consider Marriage “The Enemy”? Part II

I wrote the first part in response to the negative attitudes I'd seen from single black women regarding marriage. Specifically people who have never … [Read more...]

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Kids React to Learning Rabid Racists Hate Cheerios! What I love about children is that they are so honest. Their reactions are so pure, without blemish. One has to wonder … [Read more...]


Chris Noth, Looking HOT, Says His Biracial Son is “Natural Evolution,” But “Black Media” Does Typical Fear Mongering.

This morning I did my usual rounds of news gathering and came across a post from Clutch, sort of suggesting that "Sex and the City" actor, Chris Noth … [Read more...]


“Father Hunger” The Cause of Many Womens’ Relationship Woes

‘Father Hunger’: How His Absence Affects His Daughters Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Relationships for Women by Dee Louis-Scott In … [Read more...]

Halfrican: Being Black AND White in a Black OR White World

By Amanda Wells It would be nice to be able to say that racism and ignorance is over….not so much, but I do have to admit that we, as a society, … [Read more...]

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BB&W Throwback: Fathers Are Miracles Workers…

I wrote this a year ago, and there's not a word I would change. I simply must share it again to honor the man whom I still love and cherish so very … [Read more...]

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Photo of the Day: The Babster Shows Her Support for Cheerios…

There's also a Tumblr page dedicated to supporting the Cheerios commercial, called "We are the 15 Percent." Go check it out, and share your photos, so … [Read more...]