IDC Couple Success: Online Dating Works!


Shannon and Paul met and eventually married via

Shannon joined our site because she didn’t feel she had much choice. “As a single mom working full time, traditional dating was too hard for me,” Shannon informs us. “I knew I was not going to find love in my immediate area. I tried other sites with high hopes. Then I came to you after a Google search. Your site brought me the love of my life!”

However, Shannon wants to remind readers that her happy outcome was a long time coming. “Don’t give up! I joined this site, hoping for the best, and it took me three years to meet this man. It took another three before we married. It doesn’t happen overnight! I know we wish it would, but it doesn’t.”

Paul was a divorced father of two. He begins his part of the story… “This was my first time with online dating. I was divorced and my children suggested I give it a try. I was very skeptical, but I hoped for the best. I had heard some horror stories from friends.”

Our site stood out to him as his best bet, so Paul took the plunge and signed up. After two months with us, he saw Shannon’s profile and was impressed. “Her pictures blew me away. She was very down to earth, and just so beautiful. She was everything I wanted and more.” So he sent her an email…

Shannon read it with certain criteria in mind. “My biggest factor was that my match have children and be comfortable with me having children,” she tells us. Looking at Paul’s particulars, she saw that he was in a similar situation. “It worked perfectly. His initial email was so honest and straightforward. I was attracted to his honesty from the beginning. He told me he was a single father who loved his girls and that was all I needed to hear. I thought he was very handsome in his pictures, too!”

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